Catheters Hollow probes


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  • A61M25/00
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Sub Industries

A61M25/0009Making of catheters or other medical or surgical tubes A61M25/001Forming the tip of a catheter A61M25/0012with embedded structures A61M25/0013Weakening parts of a catheter tubing A61M25/0014Connecting a tube to a hub A61M25/0015Making lateral openings in a catheter tube A61M25/0017specially adapted for long-term hygiene care A61M25/002Packages specially adapted therefor ; catheter kit packages A61M25/0021characterised by the form of the tubing A61M25/0023by the form of the lumen A61M25/0026Multi-lumen catheters with stationary elements A61M25/0028characterized by features relating to at least one lumen located at the proximal part of the catheter A61M25/0029characterized by features relating to least one lumen located at the middle part of the catheter A61M25/003characterized by features relating to least one lumen located at the distal part of the catheter A61M25/0032characterized by at least one unconventionally shaped lumen A61M25/0041pre-formed A61M25/0043characterised by structural features A61M25/0045multi-layered A61M25/005with embedded materials for reinforcement A61M25/0051made from fenestrated or weakened tubing layer A61M25/0052Localized reinforcement A61M25/0053having a variable stiffness along the longitudinal axis A61M25/0054with regions for increasing flexibility A61M25/0067characterised by the distal end A61M25/0068Static characteristics of the catheter tip A61M25/0069Tip not integral with tube A61M25/007Side holes A61M25/0071Multiple separate lumens A61M25/0074Dynamic characteristics of the catheter tip A61M25/0075Valve means A61M25/008Strength or flexibility characteristics of the catheter tip A61M25/0082Catheter tip comprising a tool A61M25/0084being one or more injection needles A61M25/0097characterised by the hub A61M25/01Introducing, guiding, advancing, emplacing or holding catheters A61M25/0102Insertion or introduction using an inner stiffening member A61M25/0105Steering means as part of the catheter or advancing means; Markers for positioning A61M25/0108using radio-opaque or ultrasound markers A61M25/0111Aseptic insertion devices A61M25/0113Mechanical advancing means A61M25/0116self-propelled A61M25/0119Eversible catheters A61M25/0122with fluid drive by external fluid in an open fluid circuit A61M25/0125Catheters carried by the bloodstream A61M25/0127Magnetic means; Magnetic markers A61M25/013One-way gripping collars A61M25/0133Tip steering devices A61M25/0136Handles therefor A61M25/0138having flexible regions as a result of weakened outer material A61M25/0141having flexible regions as a result of using materials with different mechanical properties A61M25/0144having flexible regions as a result of inner reinforcement means A61M25/0147with movable mechanical means A61M25/0152with pre-shaped mechanisms A61M25/0155with hydraulic or pneumatic means A61M25/0158with magnetic or electrical means A61M25/0169Exchanging a catheter while keeping the guidewire in place A61M25/0172Exchanging a guidewire while keeping the catheter in place A61M25/0194Tunnelling catheters A61M25/02Holding devices A61M25/04in the body A61M25/06Body-piercing guide needles or the like A61M25/0606"Over-the-needle" catheter assemblies A61M25/0612Devices for protecting the needle; Devices to help insertion of the needle A61M25/0618having means for protecting only the distal tip of the needle A61M25/0625with a permanent connection to the needle hub A61M25/0631having means for fully covering the needle after its withdrawal A61M25/0637Butterfly or winged devices A61M25/0643Devices having a blunt needle tip A61M25/065Guide needles A61M25/0662Guide tubes A61M25/0668splittable, tear apart A61M25/0693Flashback chambers A61M25/09Guide wires A61M25/09016with mandrils A61M25/09025with sliding mandrils A61M25/09033with fixed mandrils A61M25/09041Mechanisms for insertion of guide wires A61M25/0905extendable A61M25/10Balloon catheters A61M25/1002characterised by balloon shape A61M25/1006Balloons formed between concentric tubes A61M25/1009Balloons anchored to a disc or plate A61M25/1011Multiple balloon catheters A61M25/1018Balloon inflating or inflation-control devices A61M25/10181Means for forcing inflation fluid into the balloon A61M25/10182Injector syringes A61M25/10183Compressible bulbs A61M25/10184Means for controlling or monitoring inflation or deflation A61M25/10185Valves A61M25/10186One-way valves A61M25/10187Indicators for the level of inflation or deflation A61M25/10188Inflation or deflation data displays A61M25/1025Connections between catheter tubes and inflation tubes A61M25/1027Making of balloon catheters A61M25/1029Production methods of the balloon members A61M25/1034Joining of shaft and balloon A61M25/1036Making parts for balloon catheter systems A61M25/1038Wrapping or folding devices for use with balloon catheters A61M25/104used for angioplasty