Apparatus or processes specially adapted for manufacturing conductors or cables


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  • H01B13/00
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Sub Industries

H01B13/0003for feeding conductors or cables H01B13/0006for reducing the size of conductors or cables H01B13/0009for forming corrugations on conductors or cables H01B13/0013for embedding wires in plastic layers H01B13/0016for heat treatment H01B13/002for heat extraction H01B13/0023for welding together plastic insulated wires side-by-side H01B13/0026Apparatus for manufacturing conducting or semi-conducting layers H01B13/003using irradiation H01B13/0033by electrostatic coating H01B13/0036Details H01B13/004for manufacturing rigid-tube cables H01B13/008for manufacturing extensible conductors or cables H01B13/012for manufacturing wire harnesses H01B13/01209Details H01B13/01218the wires being disposed by hand H01B13/01227using a layout board H01B13/01236the wires being disposed by machine H01B13/01245using a layout board H01B13/01254Flat-harness manufacturing H01B13/01263Tying, wrapping, binding, lacing, strapping or sheathing harnesses H01B13/01272Harness tying apparatus H01B13/01281Harness wrapping apparatus H01B13/0129Sheathing harnesses with foil material H01B13/016for manufacturing co-axial cables H01B13/0162of the central conductor H01B13/0165of the layers outside the outer conductor H01B13/0167After-treatment H01B13/02Stranding-up H01B13/0207Details; Auxiliary devices H01B13/0214by a twisting pay-off device H01B13/0221by a twisting take-up device H01B13/0228by a twisting pay-off and take-up device H01B13/0235by a twisting device situated between a pay-off device and a take-up device H01B13/0242being an accumulator H01B13/025of tubular construction H01B13/0257being a perforated disc H01B13/0264being rollers, pulleys, drums or belts H01B13/0271Alternate stranding processes H01B13/0278Stranding machines comprising a transposing mechanism H01B13/0285Pretreatment H01B13/0292After-treatment H01B13/04Mutually positioning pairs or quads to reduce cross-talk H01B13/06Insulating conductors or cables H01B13/062by pulling on an insulating sleeve H01B13/065Insulating conductors with lacquers or enamels H01B13/067Insulating coaxial cables H01B13/08by winding H01B13/0808Hand-held devices H01B13/0816Apparatus having a coaxial rotation of the supply reels about the conductor or cable H01B13/0825Apparatus having a planetary rotation of the supply reels around the conductor or cable H01B13/0833the supply reel axis being arranged parallel to the conductor or cable axis H01B13/0841the supply reel axis being arranged perpendicular to the conductor or cable axis H01B13/085Apparatus having the supply reels in a fixed position, the conductor or cable rotating about its own axis H01B13/0858Details of winding apparatus; Auxiliary devices H01B13/0866Brakes or tension regulating means H01B13/0875Detecting breakage or run-out of winding material H01B13/0883Pretreatment H01B13/0891After-treatment H01B13/10by longitudinal lapping H01B13/103combined with pressing of plastic material around the conductors H01B13/106the conductor having a rectangular cross-section H01B13/12by applying loose fibres H01B13/14by extrusion H01B13/141of two or more insulating layers H01B13/142of cellular material H01B13/143with a special opening of the extrusion head H01B13/144Heads for simultaneous extrusion on two or more conductors H01B13/145Pretreatment or after-treatment H01B13/146Controlling the extrusion apparatus dependent on the capacitance or the thickness of the insulating material H01B13/147Feeding of the insulating material H01B13/148Selection of the insulating material therefor H01B13/16by passing through or dipping in a liquid bath by spraying H01B13/165by spraying H01B13/18Applying discontinuous insulation H01B13/185by periodically constricting an insulating sleeve H01B13/20for concentric or coaxial cables H01B13/202by molding spacers H01B13/204by punching spacers H01B13/206by forming a helical web H01B13/208by mechanically removing parts of a continuous insulation H01B13/22Sheathing Armouring Screening Applying other protective layers H01B13/221filling-up interstices H01B13/222by electro-plating H01B13/224by drawing a cable core into an oversized tube by means of a tow line H01B13/225Screening coaxial cables H01B13/227Pretreatment H01B13/228After-treatment H01B13/24by extrusion H01B13/245of metal layers H01B13/26by winding, braiding, or longitudinal lapping H01B13/2606by braiding H01B13/2613by longitudinal lapping H01B13/262of an outer metallic screen H01B13/2626of a coaxial cable outer conductor H01B13/2633Bending and welding of a metallic screen H01B13/264Details of the welding stage H01B13/2646Bending and soldering of a metallic screen H01B13/2653Details of the soldering stage H01B13/266Bending and adhesively bonding of a metallic screen H01B13/2666Details of the bonding stage H01B13/2673of a compartment separating metallic screen H01B13/268of a non-metallic sheet H01B13/2686Pretreatment H01B13/2693After-treatment H01B13/28Applying continuous inductive loading H01B13/282by winding H01B13/285by extrusion H01B13/287by passing through a coating bath H01B13/30Drying; Impregnating H01B13/32Filling or coating with impervious material H01B13/321the material being a powder H01B13/322the material being a liquid, jelly-like or viscous substance H01B13/323using a filling or coating head H01B13/324in combination with a vacuum chamber H01B13/325in combination with vibration generating means H01B13/326Material preparing or feeding devices H01B13/327using a filling or coating cone or die H01B13/328using a filling or coating bath H01B13/329the material being a foam H01B13/34for marking conductors or cables H01B13/341using marking wheels, discs, rollers, drums, balls or belts H01B13/342by applying marked tape, thread or wire on the full length of the conductor or cable H01B13/344by applying sleeves, ferrules, tags, clips, labels or short length strips H01B13/345by spraying, ejecting or dispensing marking fluid H01B13/347Electrostatic deflection of the fluid jets H01B13/348using radiant energy