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H01S3/0007Applications not otherwise provided for H01S3/0014Monitoring arrangements not otherwise provided for H01S3/005Optical devices external to the laser cavity, specially adapted for lasers H01S3/0057Temporal shaping H01S3/0064Anti-reflection devices H01S3/0071Beam steering H01S3/0078Frequency filtering H01S3/0085Modulating the output H01S3/0092Nonlinear frequency conversion H01S3/02Constructional details H01S3/022of liquid lasers H01S3/025of solid state lasers H01S3/027comprising a special atmosphere inside the housing H01S3/03of gas laser discharge tubes H01S3/0305Selection of materials for the tube or the coatings thereon H01S3/031Metal vapour lasers H01S3/0315Waveguide lasers H01S3/032for confinement of the discharge H01S3/0323by special features of the discharge constricting tube H01S3/0326by an electromagnetic field H01S3/034Optical devices within, or forming part of, the tube H01S3/0343Aerodynamic windows H01S3/0346Protection of windows or mirrors against deleterious effects H01S3/036Means for obtaining or maintaining the desired gas pressure within the tube H01S3/038Electrodes H01S3/0381Anodes or particular adaptations thereof H01S3/0382Cathodes or particular adaptations thereof H01S3/0384Auxiliary electrodes H01S3/0385Shape H01S3/0387Helical shape H01S3/0388Compositions, materials or coatings H01S3/04Cooling arrangements H01S3/0401of optical elements being part of laser resonator H01S3/0402for liquid lasers H01S3/0404Air- or gas cooling H01S3/0405Conductive cooling H01S3/0407Liquid cooling H01S3/0408Radiative cooling H01S3/041for gas lasers H01S3/042for solid state lasers H01S3/05Construction or shape of optical resonators Accomodation of active medium therein Shape of active medium H01S3/06Construction or shape of active medium H01S3/0602Crystal lasers or glass lasers H01S3/0604in the form of a plate or disc H01S3/0606with polygonal cross-section H01S3/0608Laser crystal with a hole H01S3/061with elliptical or circular cross-section and elongated shape H01S3/0612Non-homogeneous structure H01S3/0615Shape of end-face H01S3/0617having a varying composition or cross-section in a specific direction H01S3/0619Coatings H01S3/0621Coatings on the end-faces H01S3/0623Antireflective [AR] H01S3/0625Coatings on surfaces other than the end-faces H01S3/0627the resonator being monolithic H01S3/063Waveguide lasers H01S3/0632Thin film lasers in which light propagates in the plane of the thin film H01S3/0635provided with a periodic structure H01S3/0637Integrated lateral waveguide H01S3/067Fibre lasers H01S3/06704Housings; Packages H01S3/06708Constructional details of the fibre H01S3/06712Polarising fibre; Polariser H01S3/06716Fibre compositions or doping with active elements H01S3/0672Non-uniform radial doping H01S3/06725Fibre characterized by a specific dispersion H01S3/06729Peculiar transverse fibre profile H01S3/06733Fibre having more than one cladding H01S3/06737Fibre having multiple non-coaxial cores H01S3/06741Photonic crystal fibre H01S3/06745Tapering of the fibre, core or active region H01S3/0675Resonators including a grating structure H01S3/06754Fibre amplifiers H01S3/06758Tandem amplifiers H01S3/06762having a specific amplification band H01S3/06766C-band amplifiers H01S3/0677L-band amplifiers H01S3/06775S-band amplifiers H01S3/06779with optical power limiting H01S3/06783Amplifying coupler H01S3/06787Bidirectional amplifier H01S3/06791Fibre ring lasers H01S3/06795with superfluorescent emission H01S3/07consisting of a plurality of parts H01S3/073Gas lasers comprising separate discharge sections in one cavity H01S3/076Folded-path lasers H01S3/08Construction or shape of optical resonators or components thereof H01S3/08004incorporating a dispersive element H01S3/08009using a diffraction grating H01S3/08013Resonator comprising a fibre H01S3/08018Mode suppression H01S3/08022Longitudinal mode control H01S3/08027by a filter H01S3/08031Single-mode emission H01S3/08036by a dispersive, polarising or birefringent element placed in the cavity H01S3/0804Transverse or lateral mode control H01S3/08045Single-mode emission H01S3/0805by apertures H01S3/08054Passive cavity elements acting on the polarization H01S3/08059Constructional details of the reflector H01S3/08063Graded reflectivity H01S3/08068Holes; Stepped surface; Special cross-section H01S3/08072Thermal lensing or thermally induced birefringence; Compensation thereof H01S3/08077Pump induced waveguiding, i.e. the pump induces refractive index change in the laser medium to guide the amplified light H01S3/08081Unstable resonators H01S3/08086Multiple-wavelength emission H01S3/0809Two-wavelenghth emission H01S3/08095Zig-zag travelling beam through the active medium H01S3/081comprising more than two reflectors H01S3/0811incorporating a dispersive element H01S3/0812using a diffraction grating H01S3/0813Configuration of resonator H01S3/0815having 3 reflectors H01S3/0816having 4 reflectors H01S3/0817having 5 reflectors H01S3/0818Unstable resonators H01S3/082defining a plurality of resonators H01S3/0823incorporating a dispersive element H01S3/0826using a diffraction grating H01S3/083Ring lasers H01S3/0835Gas ring lasers H01S3/086One or more reflectors having variable properties or positions for initial adjustment of the resonator H01S3/09Processes or apparatus for excitation H01S3/0903Free-electron laser H01S3/0906Electrical, electrochemical, or electron-beam pumping of a dye laser H01S3/091using optical pumping H01S3/0912Electronics or drivers for the pump source H01S3/0915by incoherent light H01S3/09155by cathodo-luminescence H01S3/092of flash lamp H01S3/093focusing or directing the excitation energy into the active medium H01S3/0931Imaging pump cavity H01S3/0933of a semiconductor H01S3/0937produced by exploding or combustible material H01S3/094by coherent light H01S3/094003the pumped medium being a fibre H01S3/094007Cladding pumping H01S3/094011with bidirectional pumping H01S3/094015with pump light recycling, i.e. with reinjection of the unused pump light back into the fiber H01S3/094019Side pumped fibre, whereby pump light is coupled laterally into the fibre via an optical component like a prism, or a grating , or via V-groove coupling H01S3/094023with ASE light recycling, with reinjection of the ASE light back into the fiber H01S3/094026for synchronously pumping H01S3/09403Cross-pumping H01S3/094034the pumped medium being a dye H01S3/094038End pumping H01S3/094042of a fibre laser H01S3/094046of a Raman fibre laser H01S3/094049Guiding of the pump light H01S3/094053Fibre coupled pump H01S3/094057by tapered duct or homogenized light pipe H01S3/094061Shared pump H01S3/094065Single-mode pumping H01S3/094069Multi-mode pumping H01S3/094073Non-polarized pump H01S3/094076Pulsed or modulated pumping H01S3/09408Pump redundancy H01S3/094084with pump light recycling, i.e. with reinjection of the unused pump light H01S3/094088with ASE light recycling, i.e. with reinjection of the ASE light H01S3/094092Upconversion pumping H01S3/094096Multi-wavelength pumping H01S3/0941of a laser diode H01S3/09415the pumping beam being parallel to the lasing mode of the pumped medium H01S3/0943of a gas laser H01S3/0947of an organic dye laser H01S3/095using chemical or thermal pumping H01S3/09505involving photochemical reactions H01S3/0951by increasing the pressure in the laser gas medium H01S3/0953Gas dynamic laser H01S3/0955using pumping by high energy particles H01S3/0957by high energy nuclear particles H01S3/0959by an electron beam H01S3/097by gas discharge of a gas laser H01S3/09702Details of the driver electronics and electric discharge circuits H01S3/09705with particular means for stabilising the discharge H01S3/09707using an electron or ion beam H01S3/0971transversely excited H01S3/09713with auxiliary ionisation H01S3/09716by ionising radiation H01S3/0973having a travelling wave passing through the active medium H01S3/0975using inductive or capacitive excitation H01S3/0977having auxiliary ionisation means H01S3/09775by ionising radiation H01S3/0979Gas dynamic lasers H01S3/10Controlling the intensity, frequency, phase, polarisation or direction of the emitted radiation H01S3/10007in optical amplifiers H01S3/10015by monitoring or controlling H01S3/10023by functional association of additional optical elements H01S3/1003turnable optical elements H01S3/10038Amplitude control H01S3/10046Pulse repetition rate control H01S3/10053Phase control H01S3/10061Polarization control H01S3/10069Memorized or pre-programmed characteristics H01S3/10076using optical phase conjugation H01S3/10084Frequency control by seeding H01S3/10092Coherent seed H01S3/101Lasers provided with means to change the location from which, or the direction in which, laser radiation is emitted H01S3/102by controlling the active medium H01S3/1022by controlling the optical pumping H01S3/1024for pulse generation H01S3/1026Controlling the active medium by translation or rotation H01S3/1028by controlling the temperature H01S3/104in gas lasers H01S3/105by controlling the mutual position or the reflecting properties of the reflectors of the cavity H01S3/1051one of the reflectors being of the type using frustrated reflection H01S3/1053Control by pressure or deformation H01S3/1055one of the reflectors being constituted by a diffraction grating H01S3/106by controlling a device placed within the cavity H01S3/1061using a variable absorption device H01S3/1062using a controlled passive interferometer H01S3/1063using a solid state device provided with at least one potential jump barrier H01S3/1065using liquid crystals H01S3/1066using a magneto-optical device H01S3/1067using pressure or deformation H01S3/1068using an acousto-optical device H01S3/107using an electro-optical device H01S3/1075for optical deflection H01S3/108using a non-linear optical device H01S3/1083using parametric generation H01S3/1086using scattering effects H01S3/109Frequency multiplying H01S3/1095self doubling H01S3/11Pulse generation H01S3/1103Cavity dumping H01S3/1106Mode locking H01S3/1109Active mode locking H01S3/1112Passive mode locking H01S3/1115using a saturable absorber H01S3/1118Solid state absorber H01S3/1121Harmonically mode-locked lasers H01S3/1124Q-switching using magneto-optical devices H01S3/1127Q-switching using pulse transmission mode [PTM] H01S3/113Q-switching using bleachable or solarising media H01S3/115Q-switching using electro-optical devices H01S3/117Q-switching using acousto-optical devices H01S3/121Q-switching using mechanical devices H01S3/123Rotating mirror H01S3/125Rotating prism H01S3/127Plural Q-switches H01S3/13Stabilisation of laser output parameters H01S3/1301in optical amplifiers H01S3/1302by all-optical means H01S3/1303by using a passive reference H01S3/1304by using an active reference H01S3/1305Feedback control systems H01S3/1306Stabilisation of the amplitude H01S3/1307Stabilisation of the phase H01S3/1308Stabilisation of the polarisation H01S3/131by controlling the active medium H01S3/1312by controlling the optical pumping H01S3/1315by gain saturation H01S3/1317by controlling the temperature H01S3/134in gas lasers H01S3/136by controlling a device placed within the cavity H01S3/137for stabilising of frequency H01S3/139by controlling the mutual position or the reflecting properties of the reflectors of the cavity H01S3/1392by using a passive reference H01S3/1394by using an active reference H01S3/1396by using two modes present H01S3/1398by using a supplementary modulation of the output H01S3/14characterised by the material used as the active medium H01S3/16Solid materials H01S3/1601characterised by an active (lasing) ion H01S3/1603rare earth H01S3/1605terbium H01S3/1606dysprosium H01S3/1608erbium H01S3/161holmium H01S3/1611neodymium H01S3/1613praseodymium H01S3/1615samarium H01S3/1616thulium H01S3/1618ytterbium H01S3/162transition metal H01S3/1621cobalt H01S3/1623chromium H01S3/1625titanium H01S3/1626uranium H01S3/1628characterised by a semiconducting matrix H01S3/163characterised by a crystal matrix H01S3/1631aluminate H01S3/1633BeAl2O4 H01S3/1635LaMgAl11O19 (LNA, Lanthanum Magnesium Hexaluminate) H01S3/1636Al2O3 (Sapphire) H01S3/1638YAlO3 (YALO or YAP, Yttrium Aluminium Perovskite) H01S3/164garnet H01S3/1641GGG H01S3/1643YAG H01S3/1645halide H01S3/1646BaY2F8 H01S3/1648with the formula XYZF6 (Colquiriite structure), wherein X is Li, Na, K or Rb, Y is Mg, Ca, Sr, Cd or Ba and Z is Al, Sc or Ga H01S3/165with the formula MF2, wherein M is Ca, Sr or Ba H01S3/1651SrAlF5 H01S3/1653YLiF4 (YLF, LYF) H01S3/1655silicate H01S3/1656BeAl2(SiO3)6 H01S3/1658Mg2SiO4 (Forsterite) H01S3/166La3Ga5SiO14 [LGS] H01S3/1661Y2SiO5 [YSO] H01S3/1663beryllate H01S3/1665La2Be2O5 [BEL] H01S3/1666borate, carbonate, arsenide H01S3/1668scandate H01S3/167Sc2O3 H01S3/1671vanadate, niobate, tantalate H01S3/1673YVO4 [YVO] H01S3/1675titanate, germanate, molybdate, tungstate H01S3/1676Li4Ge5O12 H01S3/1678LaBGeO5 H01S3/168using an organic dye dispersed in a solid matrix H01S3/1681using colour centres H01S3/1683using superconductivity H01S3/1685Ceramics H01S3/1686Liquid crystal active layer H01S3/1688Stoichiometric laser compounds H01S3/169Nanoparticles H01S3/1691characterised by additives / sensitisers / promoters as further dopants H01S3/1693aluminium H01S3/1695germanium H01S3/1696transition metal H01S3/1698rare earth H01S3/17amorphous H01S3/171chalcogenide glass H01S3/172selenide glass H01S3/173fluoride glass H01S3/175phosphate glass H01S3/176silica or silicate glass H01S3/177telluride glass H01S3/178plastic H01S3/20Liquids H01S3/207including a chelate H01S3/213including an organic dye H01S3/22Gases H01S3/2207Noble gas ions H01S3/2215Iodine compounds or atomic iodine H01S3/2222Neon H01S3/223the active gas being polyatomic H01S3/2232Carbon dioxide (CO2) or monoxide [CO] H01S3/2235Dye vapour H01S3/2237Molecular nitrogen (N2) H01S3/225comprising an excimer or exciplex H01S3/2251ArF H01S3/2253XeCl H01S3/2255XeF H01S3/2256KrF H01S3/2258F2 H01S3/227Metal vapour H01S3/23Arrangements of two or more lasers not provided for in groups H01S3/02 - H01S3/22 H01S3/2308Amplifier arrangements H01S3/2316Cascaded amplifiers H01S3/2325Multi-pass amplifiers H01S3/2333Double-pass amplifiers H01S3/2341Four pass amplifiers H01S3/235Regenerative amplifiers H01S3/2358comprising dyes as the active medium H01S3/2366comprising a gas as the active medium H01S3/2375Hybrid lasers H01S3/2383Parallel arrangements H01S3/2391emitting at different wavelengths H01S3/30using scattering effects H01S3/302in an optical fibre H01S3/305in a gas H01S3/307in a liquid