Injection moulding


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  • B29C45/00
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B29C45/0001characterised by the choice of material B29C45/0003of successively moulded portions rigidly joined to each other B29C45/0005using fibre reinforcements B29C45/0013using fillers dispersed in the moulding material B29C45/0017moulding interconnected elements which are movable with respect to one another B29C45/0025Preventing defects on the moulded article B29C45/0046Details relating to the filling pattern or flow paths or flow characteristics of moulding material in the mould cavity B29C45/0053combined with a final operation B29C45/0055Shaping B29C45/006Joining parts moulded in separate cavities B29C45/0062Joined by injection moulding B29C45/0081of objects with parts connected by a thin section B29C45/0082Reciprocating the moulding material inside the mould cavity B29C45/0084General arrangement or lay-out of plants B29C45/02Transfer moulding B29C45/021Plunger drives; Pressure equalizing means for a plurality of transfer plungers B29C45/03Injection moulding apparatus B29C45/036Injection pistols B29C45/04using movable moulds or mould halves B29C45/0408involving at least a linear movement B29C45/0416co-operating with fixed mould halves B29C45/0433mounted on a conveyor belt or chain B29C45/0441involving a rotational movement B29C45/045mounted on the circumference of a rotating support having a rotating axis perpendicular to the mould opening, closing or clamping direction B29C45/06mounted on a turntable B29C45/062carrying mould halves co-operating with fixed mould halves B29C45/07using movable injection units B29C45/076cooperating with two or more moulds B29C45/08moving with the mould during the injection operation B29C45/10using moulds or injection units usable in different arrangements or combinations to each other B29C45/12using two or more fixed moulds B29C45/125using a material distributing system B29C45/13using two or more injection units co-operating with a single mould B29C45/14incorporating preformed parts or layers B29C45/14008Inserting articles into the mould B29C45/14016Intermittently feeding endless articles B29C45/14024and punching or cutting a portion from the endless articles during mould closing B29C45/14032Transferring the inserts from a storage space inside the mould to the mould cavity B29C45/14065Positioning or centering articles in the mould B29C45/14073using means being retractable during injection B29C45/1418the inserts being deformed or preformed B29C45/14196the inserts being positioned around an edge of the injected part B29C45/14221by tools B29C45/14262Clamping or tensioning means for the insert B29C45/14311using means for bonding the coating to the articles B29C45/14336Coating a portion of the article B29C45/14344Moulding in or through a hole in the article B29C45/14377using an additional insert B29C45/14385Coating a portion of a bundle of inserts B29C45/14409Coating profiles or strips by injecting end or corner or intermediate parts B29C45/14418Sealing means between mould and article B29C45/14426Coating the end of wire-like or rod-like or cable-like or blade-like or belt-like articles B29C45/14434Coating brittle material B29C45/14467Joining articles or parts of a single article B29C45/14475Joining juxtaposed parts of a single article B29C45/14491Injecting material between coaxial articles B29C45/14508Joining juxtaposed sheet-like articles B29C45/14549Coating rod-like, wire-like or belt-like articles B29C45/14565at spaced locations B29C45/14573Coating the edge of the article B29C45/14581Coating the cross-over points of articles in the form of a network B29C45/1459Coating annular articles B29C45/14598Coating tubular articles B29C45/14614Joining tubular articles B29C45/14622Lining the inner or outer surface of tubular articles B29C45/14631Coating reinforcements B29C45/14639for obtaining an insulating effect B29C45/14647Making flat card-like articles with an incorporated IC or chip module B29C45/14655connected to or mounted on a carrier B29C45/1468Plants therefor B29C45/14688Coating articles provided with a decoration B29C45/14754being in movable or releasable engagement with the coating B29C45/14778the article consisting of a material with particular properties B29C45/14786Fibrous material or fibre containing material B29C45/14795Porous or permeable material B29C45/14811Multilayered articles B29C45/14819the inserts being completely encapsulated B29C45/14827using a transfer foil detachable from the insert B29C45/14836Preventing damage of inserts during injection B29C45/16Making multilayered or multicoloured articles B29C45/1603Multi-way nozzles specially adapted therefor B29C45/1604using a valve urged by the injection pressure B29C45/1606using a rotatable valve B29C45/1607having at least three different ways B29C45/1615The materials being injected at different moulding stations B29C45/1618using an auxiliary treatment station B29C45/162using means B29C45/1625Injecting parison-like articles B29C45/1628using a mould carrier rotatable about an axis perpendicular to the opening and closing axis of the moulding stations B29C45/1634with a non-uniform dispersion of the moulding material in the article B29C45/1635using displaceable mould parts B29C45/1639Removable partitions between adjacent mould cavity portions B29C45/164The moulding materials being injected simultaneously B29C45/1642having a "sandwich" structure B29C45/1643from at least three different materials or with at least four layers B29C45/1645Injecting skin and core materials from the same injection cylinder B29C45/1646Injecting parison-like articles B29C45/1657using means for adhering or bonding the layers or parts to each other B29C45/1671with an insert B29C45/1675using exchangeable mould halves B29C45/1676using a soft material and a rigid material B29C45/1679applying surface layers onto injection-moulded substrates inside the mould cavity B29C45/1684Injecting parison-like articles B29C45/17Component parts, details or accessories Auxiliary operations B29C45/1701using a particular environment during moulding B29C45/1703Introducing an auxiliary fluid into the mould B29C45/1704the fluid being introduced into the interior of the injected material which is still in a molten state B29C45/1705using movable mould parts B29C45/1706using particular fluids or fluid generating substances B29C45/1711and removing excess material from the mould cavity by the introduced fluid B29C45/1732Control circuits therefor B29C45/1734Nozzles therefor B29C45/1735Nozzles for introducing the fluid through the mould gate B29C45/1736provided with small holes permitting the flow of gas therethrough B29C45/174Applying a pressurised fluid to the outer surface of the injected material inside the mould cavity B29C45/1742Mounting of moulds; Mould supports B29C45/1743using mounting means projecting from the back side of the mould or from the front side of the mould support B29C45/1744Mould support platens B29C45/1747Tie-rod connections B29C45/1748Retractable tie-rods B29C45/1751Adjustment means allowing the use of moulds of different thicknesses B29C45/1753Cleaning or purging B29C45/1755Means for receiving or discharging purged material; Purge shields B29C45/1756Handling of moulds or mould parts B29C45/1759Removing sprues from sprue-channels B29C45/176Exchanging the injection unit or parts thereof B29C45/1761Means for guiding movable mould supports or injection units on the machine base or frame; Machine bases or frames B29C45/1769Handling of moulded articles or runners B29C45/1771Means for guiding or orienting articles while dropped from the mould B29C45/1773Means for adjusting or displacing the injection unit into different positions B29C45/1774Display units or mountings therefor; Switch cabinets B29C45/1775Connecting parts B29C45/1777Nozzle touch mechanism B29C45/178Means disposed outside the mould for unscrewing threaded articles B29C45/1781Aligning injection nozzles with the mould sprue bush B29C45/1782Mounting or clamping means for heating elements or thermocouples B29C45/18Feeding the material into the injection moulding apparatus B29C45/1808Feeding measured doses B29C45/1816Feeding auxiliary material B29C45/1858Changing the kind or the source of material B29C45/1866Feeding multiple materials B29C45/20Injection nozzles B29C45/22Multiple nozzle systems B29C45/23Feed stopping equipment B29C45/231Needle valve systems therefor B29C45/232comprising closing means disposed outside the nozzle B29C45/234Valves opened by the pressure of the moulding material B29C45/24Cleaning equipment B29C45/26Moulds B29C45/2602Mould construction elements B29C45/2606Guiding or centering means B29C45/2608Mould seals B29C45/261having tubular mould cavities B29C45/2612for manufacturing tubular articles with an annular groove B29C45/2614for manufacturing bent tubular articles using an undercut forming mould core B29C45/2616having annular mould cavities B29C45/2618having screw-threaded mould walls B29C45/262provided with unscrewing drive means B29C45/2622for moulding interrupted screw threads B29C45/2624provided with a multiplicity of wall-like cavities connected to a common cavity B29C45/2626provided with a multiplicity of narrow cavities connected to a common cavity B29C45/2628with mould parts forming holes in or through the moulded article B29C45/263with mould wall parts provided with fine grooves or impressions B29C45/2632Stampers; Mountings thereof B29C45/2642Heating or cooling means therefor B29C45/2669with means for removing excess material B29C45/2673with exchangeable mould parts B29C45/2675Mounting of exchangeable mould inserts B29C45/2681with rotatable mould parts B29C45/27Sprue channels Runner channels or runner nozzles B29C45/2701Details not specific to hot or cold runner channels B29C45/2703Means for controlling the runner flow B29C45/2704Controlling the filling rates or the filling times of two or more mould cavities by controlling the cross section or the length of the runners or the gates B29C45/2708Gates B29C45/2711Gate inserts B29C45/2725Manifolds B29C45/2727Modular manifolds; Connections between spaced manifold elements B29C45/2735for non-coaxial gates B29C45/2737Heating or cooling means therefor B29C45/2738specially adapted for manifolds B29C45/2756Cold runner channels B29C45/2758Means for preventing drooling by decompression of the moulding material B29C45/278Nozzle tips B29C45/28Closure devices therefor B29C45/2803comprising a member with an opening or the injection nozzle movable into or out of alignment with the sprue channel or mould gate B29C45/2806consisting of needle valve systems B29C45/281Drive means therefor B29C45/2896extending in or through the mould cavity B29C45/30Flow control means disposed within the sprue channel B29C45/32having several axially spaced mould cavities B29C45/322Runner systems for distributing the moulding material to the stacked mould cavities B29C45/33having transversely B29C45/332Mountings or guides therefor; Drives therefor B29C45/34having venting means B29C45/345using a porous mould wall or a part thereof B29C45/36having means for locating or centering cores B29C45/37Mould cavity walls, i.e. the inner surface forming the mould cavity B29C45/372provided with means for marking or patterning B29C45/374for displaying altering indicia B29C45/376adjustable B29C45/38Cutting-off equipment for sprues or ingates B29C45/382disposed outside the mould B29C45/40Removing or ejecting moulded articles B29C45/4005Ejector constructions; Ejector operating mechanisms B29C45/401Ejector pin constructions or mountings B29C45/42using means movable from outside the mould between mould parts B29C45/4208and driven by the movable mould part B29C45/4225Take-off members or carriers for the moulded articles B29C45/43using fluid under pressure B29C45/435introduced between a mould core and a hollow resilient undercut article B29C45/44for undercut articles B29C45/4407by flexible movement of undercut portions of the articles B29C45/4421using expansible or collapsible cores B29C45/4435using inclined, tiltable or flexible undercut forming elements driven by the ejector means B29C45/4457using fusible, soluble or destructible cores B29C45/4471using flexible or pivotable undercut forming elements B29C45/4478using non-rigid undercut forming elements B29C45/46Means for plasticising or homogenising the moulding material or forcing it into the mould B29C45/461Injection of measured doses B29C45/462Injection of preformed charges of material B29C45/463using packaged or wrapped charges B29C45/464using a rotating plasticising or injection disc B29C45/47using screws B29C45/48Plasticising screw and injection screw comprising two separate screws B29C45/50Axially movable screw B29C45/5008Drive means therefor B29C45/5092Intrusion moulding B29C45/52Non-return devices B29C45/53using injection ram or piston B29C45/531Drive means therefor B29C45/532using a hollow injection ram co-operating with a coaxial screw B29C45/535using two or more cooperating injection rams B29C45/54and plasticising screw B29C45/541using a hollow plasticising screw co-operating with a coaxial injection ram B29C45/542using an accumulator between plasticising and injection unit B29C45/544the plasticising unit being connected to a transfer chamber in the injection unit at the upstream side of the injection piston B29C45/56using mould parts movable during or after injection B29C45/5605Rotatable mould parts B29C45/561Injection-compression moulding B29C45/5675for making orifices in or through the moulded article B29C45/568Applying vibrations to the mould parts B29C45/57Exerting after-pressure on the moulding material B29C45/572using movable mould wall or runner parts B29C45/58Details B29C45/581Devices for influencing the material flow B29C45/585Vibration means for the injection unit or parts thereof B29C45/586Injection or transfer plungers B29C45/60Screws B29C45/62Barrels or cylinders B29C45/63Venting or degassing means B29C45/64Mould opening, closing or clamping devices B29C45/641Clamping devices using means for straddling or interconnecting the mould halves B29C45/66mechanical B29C45/661using a toggle mechanism for mould clamping B29C45/67hydraulic B29C45/6707without relative movement between the piston and the cylinder of the clamping device during the mould opening or closing movement B29C45/6714using a separate element transmitting the mould clamping force from the clamping cylinder to the mould B29C45/6721the separate element being displaceable with respect to the mould or the clamping cylinder B29C45/6728the separate element consisting of coupling rods B29C45/6764using hydraulically connectable chambers of the clamping cylinder during the mould opening and closing movement B29C45/6771the connection being provided within the clamping cylinder B29C45/6778Stroke adjusting or limiting means B29C45/68hydro-mechanical B29C45/681using a toggle mechanism as mould clamping device B29C45/683using both a toggle mechanism as mould closing device and another mechanism as mould clamping device B29C45/70Means for plasticising or homogenising the moulding material or forcing it into the mould, combined with mould opening, closing or clamping devices B29C45/706using a single drive system providing both the mould closing and clamping pressure and also the injection pressure B29C45/72Heating or cooling B29C45/7207of the moulded articles B29C45/73of the mould B29C45/7306Control circuits therefor B29C45/7312Construction of heating or cooling fluid flow channels B29C45/7331Heat transfer elements B29C45/7337using gas or steam B29C45/74of the injection unit B29C45/76Measuring, controlling or regulating B29C45/7613the termination of flow of material into the mould B29C45/762the sequence of operations of an injection cycle B29C45/7626the ejection or removal of moulded articles B29C45/7646viscosity B29C45/7653mould clamping forces B29C45/766the setting or resetting of moulding conditions B29C45/7666of power or energy B29C45/768Detecting defective moulding conditions B29C45/7686the ejected articles B29C45/7693using rheological models of the material in the mould B29C45/77of velocity or pressure of moulding material B29C45/78of temperature B29C45/80of relative position of mould parts B29C45/82Hydraulic or pneumatic circuits B29C45/83Lubricating means B29C45/84Safety devices B29C45/842Detection of insert defects B29C45/844Preventing damage caused by obstructions or foreign matter caught between mould halves during mould closing