Radiation pyrometry


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  • G01J5/00
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Sub Industries

G01J5/0003for sensing the radiant heat transfer of samples G01J5/0007of wafers or semiconductor substrates G01J5/0011Ear thermometers G01J5/0014for sensing the radiation from gases, flames G01J5/0018Flames, plasma or welding G01J5/0022for sensing the radiation of moving bodies G01J5/0025Living bodies G01J5/0037for sensing the heat emitted by liquids G01J5/004by molten metals G01J5/0044Furnaces, ovens, kilns G01J5/0066for hot spots detection G01J5/007for earth observation G01J5/0088in turbines G01J5/0096for measuring wires, electrical contacts or electronic systems G01J5/02Details G01J5/0205Mechanical elements; Supports for optical elements G01J5/021Probe covers for thermometers G01J5/0215Compact construction G01J5/022Monolithic G01J5/0225Shape of the cavity itself or of elements contained in or suspended over the cavity G01J5/023Particular leg structure or construction or shape; Nanotubes G01J5/0235Spacers G01J5/024Special manufacturing steps or sacrificial layers or layer structures G01J5/0245for performing thermal shunt G01J5/025Interfacing a pyrometer to an external device or network; User interface G01J5/0255Sample holders for pyrometry; Cleaning of sample G01J5/026Control of working procedures of a pyrometer, other than calibration ; Detecting failures in the functioning of a pyrometer; Bandwidth calculation; Gain control; Security control G01J5/0265Handheld, portable G01J5/027making use of sensor-related data G01J5/0275Control or determination of height or distance or angle information for sensors or receivers G01J5/028using a charging unit or battery G01J5/0285Constructional arrangements for compensating for fluctuations caused by humidity, pressure or electromagnetic waves; Controlling the atmosphere inside a pyrometer G01J5/029using a gas purge G01J5/0295Nulling devices or absolute detection G01J5/04Casings Mountings G01J5/041Mountings in enclosures or in a particular environment G01J5/042High-temperature environment G01J5/043Prevention or determination of dust, smog or clogging G01J5/044Environment with strong vibrations or shocks G01J5/045Sealings; Vacuum enclosures; Encapsulated packages; Wafer bonding structures; Getter arrangements G01J5/046Materials; Selection of thermal materials G01J5/047Mobile mounting; Scanning arrangements G01J5/048Protective parts G01J5/049Casings for tympanic thermometers G01J5/06Arrangements for eliminating effects of disturbing radiation G01J5/061using cooling or thermostating of parts of the apparatus G01J5/08Optical features G01J5/0803Optical elements not provided otherwise G01J5/0806using focussing or collimating elements G01J5/0809using plane or convex mirrors, parallel phase plates or particular reflectors G01J5/0812using attenuators G01J5/0815using light concentrators, collectors or condensers G01J5/0818using waveguides, rods or tubes G01J5/0821using optical fibers G01J5/0825using polarizing elements G01J5/0828using notch filters G01J5/0831using masks G01J5/0834using shutters or modulators G01J5/0837using micro-antennas G01J5/084Adjustable, slidable G01J5/0843Manually adjustable G01J5/0846using multiple detectors for performing different types of detection G01J5/085having a throughhole enabling the optical element to fulfil an additional optical function G01J5/0853using infrared absorbers other than the usual absorber layers deposited on infrared detectors like bolometers, wherein the heat propagation between the absorber and the detecting element occurs within a solid G01J5/0856Slit arrangements G01J5/0859using a sighting arrangement, or a camera for the same purpose G01J5/0862using optical filters G01J5/0865using means for replacing an element by another G01J5/0868using means for illuminating a slit or a surface efficiently G01J5/0871Beam switching arrangements; Photodetection involving different fields of view for a single detector G01J5/0875Windows or their fastening arrangements G01J5/0878Diffusers G01J5/0881Compact construction G01J5/0884Monolithic G01J5/0887Integrating cavities mimicking black bodies, wherein the heat propagation between the black body and the measuring element does not occur within a solid; Use of bodies placed inside the fluid stream for measurement of the temperature of gases; Use of the reemission from a surface G01J5/089Field-of-view determination; Aiming or pointing of a pyrometer; Adjusting alignment; Encoding angular position; Size of the measuring area; Position tracking G01J5/0893Arrangements to attach devices to a pyrometer, i.e. attaching an optical interface; Spatial relative arrangement of optical elements G01J5/0896using a light source G01J5/10using electric radiation detectors G01J5/12using thermoelectric elements G01J5/14Electrical features G01J5/16Arrangements with respect to the cold junction Compensating influence of ambient temperature or other variables G01J5/18Special adaptation for indicating or recording G01J5/20using resistors, thermistors, or semi-conductors sensitive to radiation G01J5/22Electrical features G01J5/24Use of a specially-adapted circuit G01J5/26Special adaptation for indicating or recording G01J5/28using photo-emissive, photo-conductive, or photo-voltaic cells G01J5/30Electrical features G01J5/32Special adaptation for indicating or recording G01J5/34using capacitors G01J5/36using ionisation of gases G01J5/38using extension or expansion of solids or fluids G01J5/40using bimetallic elements G01J5/42using Golay cells G01J5/44using change of resonant frequency G01J5/46using radiation pressure or radiometer effect G01J5/48using wholly visual means G01J5/50using techniques specified in the subgroups below G01J5/505using photographic recording G01J5/52using comparison with reference sources G01J5/522Reference sources G01J5/524using a reference heater of the emissive surface type G01J5/54Optical features G01J5/56Electrical features G01J5/58using absorption using polarisation using extinction effect G01J5/60using determination of colour temperature Pyrometry using two wavelengths filtering; using selective, monochromatic or bandpass filtering; using spectral scanning G01J5/601using spectral scanning G01J5/602using selective, monochromatic or bandpass filtering G01J5/605using visual determination G01J5/62using means for chopping the light Compensation for background radiation of chopper element