Suction or pumping devices for medical purposes Devices for carrying-off, for treatment of, or for carrying-over, body-liquids Drainage systems


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  • A61M1/00
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Sub Industries

A61M1/0001Containers for suction drainage A61M1/0003Self-contained vacuum aspirators A61M1/0005with means for emptying the suction container A61M1/0007Emptying the suction container without interrupting suction A61M1/0009incorporating a movable wall to create suction A61M1/0011Drainage containers incorporating a flexible member creating suction A61M1/0013Two- or three-bottle systems for underwater drainage A61M1/0015Mechanical means for preventing flexible containers from collapsing when vacuum is applied inside A61M1/0017Bag or liner in a rigid container, with suction applied to both A61M1/0019Drainage containers not being adapted for subjection to vacuum A61M1/0021Gravity drainage systems A61M1/0023Suction drainage systems A61M1/0025comprising sensors or indicators for physical values A61M1/0027Visual indicating means for vacuum pressure A61M1/0029Visual indicating means for flow A61M1/0031Suction control A61M1/0033by changing the size of a vent A61M1/0035by changing the section of the line A61M1/0037Intermittent or pulsating suction A61M1/0039Handpieces A61M1/0041with means for varying suction manually A61M1/0043by changing the section of the line A61M1/0045by deformation of the fluid passage A61M1/0047by changing the size of a vent A61M1/0049Means preventing overflow or contamination of the pumping systems A61M1/005using valves with freely moving parts A61M1/0052by filtering, sterilising or disinfecting the exhaust air A61M1/0054by heat A61M1/0056Filters for solid matter A61M1/0058Suction-irrigation systems A61M1/006Determination of loss or gain of body fluids due to suction-irrigation A61M1/0062operating alternately A61M1/0064Handpieces therefor A61M1/0066Suction pumps A61M1/0068Piston pumps A61M1/007the barrel serving as aspiration container A61M1/0072Membrane pumps A61M1/0074by vacuum created above a liquid flowing from a closed container A61M1/0076using Laval or Venturi jet pumps A61M1/0078Tube strippers A61M1/008Drainage tubes; Aspiration tips A61M1/0082rotating A61M1/0084With gas or fluid supply means A61M1/0086Connectors therefor A61M1/0088with a seal A61M1/009having pumping means on suction site A61M1/0092having venting means on or near the tip A61M1/0094having means for processing the drained fluid A61M1/0096Draining devices provided with means for releasing antimicrobial or gelation agents in the drained fluid A61M1/0098Draining devices provided with means for filtering out the harmless water content before discarding the drainage container A61M1/02Blood transfusion apparatus A61M1/0204Blood stirrers A61M1/0209Multiple bag systems for separating or storing blood components A61M1/0213with isolated sections of the tube used as additive reservoirs A61M1/0218with filters A61M1/0222and filter bypass A61M1/0227and means for securing the filter against damage A61M1/0231with gas separating means A61M1/0236with sampling means A61M1/024Means for controlling the quantity of transfused blood A61M1/0245combined with blood container shaking means A61M1/025Means for agitating or shaking blood containers A61M1/0254with a support plate moving only in one plane A61M1/0259Apparatus for treatment of blood or blood constituents not otherwise provided for A61M1/0272Apparatus for treatment of blood or blood constituents prior to or for conservation A61M1/0277Frames constraining or supporting bags A61M1/0281Apparatus for treatment of blood or blood constituents prior to transfusion A61M1/0286Handling a large number of blood product units A61M1/029Separating blood components present in distinct layers in a container, not otherwise provided for A61M1/0295whereby the blood container and a solution container are compressed simultaneously by the same means A61M1/04Artificial pneumothorax apparatus A61M1/06Milking pumps A61M1/062Pump accessories A61M1/064Suction cups A61M1/066Inserts therefor A61M1/068having means for simultaneous feeding A61M1/08Cupping glasses A61M1/10Blood pumps Artificial hearts Devices for mechanical circulatory assistance A61M1/1001General aspects of blood pumps irrespective of pump type A61M1/1003skeletal muscle-powered A61M1/1005with means for making a blood flow pulsatile A61M1/1006Blood pumps incorporated within another functional device A61M1/1008Tubes; Connections therefor A61M1/101Non-positive displacement pumps A61M1/1012Constructional features thereof A61M1/1013Types of bearings A61M1/1015Magnetic bearings A61M1/1017Hydrodynamic bearings A61M1/1018with occluders preventing backflow A61M1/102having a purge fluid supply A61M1/1022using filtered blood as purge fluid A61M1/1024having a collapsible rotor A61M1/1025Details on blood sealings between rotational parts A61M1/1029Drive systems therefor A61M1/1031using a motor with canned rotor A61M1/1032with hydraulic or pneumatic driving means A61M1/1034using rotating cables for driving A61M1/1036using rotating magnets for driving A61M1/1037Pumps having flexible elements A61M1/1039Peristaltic pumps A61M1/1041Linear A61M1/1043Constructional features thereof A61M1/1044Compliance chamber containing a gas or liquid other than blood to compensate volume variations of a blood chamber A61M1/1046Drive systems therefor A61M1/1048characterised by way of converting the movement A61M1/1049with means converting the rotation of a motor into a translational movement of the flexible element A61M1/1051the axis of both movements being parallel A61M1/1053using non-rotary electrical means A61M1/1055Electromagnetic means A61M1/1056Thermo-electric means A61M1/1058Piezoelectric means A61M1/106using hydraulic or pneumatic means A61M1/1062with application of vacuum at the blood pump A61M1/1063Diastole or systole switching by stopping or reversing a hydraulic or pneumatic pump operating at a much higher cyclical speed than the heart rate A61M1/1065Diastole or systole switching by valve means between the blood pump and the hydraulic or pneumatic energy source A61M1/1067using a blood vessel as flexible element A61M1/1068using the heart as flexible element A61M1/107Pulsating membrane pumps without valves A61M1/1072Intra-arterial balloon pumps A61M1/1074Intra-ventricular balloon pumps A61M1/1075the pump membrane acting as inlet valve A61M1/1081Piston pumps A61M1/1082High-frequency pumps A61M1/1084Venturi or jet pumps A61M1/1086Regulating or controlling systems therefor A61M1/1087Active valves for blood pumps or artificial hearts A61M1/1089where the valve is formed by a flexible tube element which is clamped for restricting the flow A61M1/1096Passive valves for blood pumps or artificial hearts A61M1/1098Valves having flexible or resilient parts A61M1/12implantable into the body A61M1/122Heart assist devices A61M1/125intravascular A61M1/127Energy supply devices, converters therefor A61M1/14Dialysis systems Artificial kidneys Blood oxygenators; Reciprocating systems for treatment of body fluids A61M1/16with membranes A61M1/1601Control or regulation A61M1/1603Regulation parameters A61M1/1605Physical characteristics of the dialysate fluid A61M1/1607before use A61M1/1609after use A61M1/1611Weight of the patient A61M1/1613Profiling or modelling A61M1/1615using measurements made at different flow rates A61M1/1617using measurements made during a temporary variation of a characteristic of the fresh dialysis fluid A61M1/1619Sampled collection of used dialysate A61M1/1621Constructional aspects thereof A61M1/1623Disposition of membranes A61M1/1625Dialyser of the outside perfusion type A61M1/1627Dialyser of the inside perfusion type A61M1/1629with integral heat exchanger A61M1/1631having non-tubular membranes A61M1/1633with more than one dialyzer unit A61M1/1635with volume chamber balancing devices between used and fresh dialysis fluid A61M1/1637containing the whole volume of dialysis fluid used during a treatment session A61M1/1639linked by membranes A61M1/1641linked by pistons A61M1/1643with weighing of fresh and used dialysis fluid A61M1/1645with mechanically linked peristaltic dialysis fluid pumps one upstream, the other one downstream of the dialyser A61M1/1647with flow rate measurement of the dialysis fluid, upstream and downstream of the dialyser A61M1/1649with pulsatile dialysis fluid flow A61M1/165with a dialyser bypass on the dialysis fluid line A61M1/1652Holding or locking systems for the membrane unit A61M1/1654Dialysates therefor A61M1/1656Apparatus for preparing dialysates A61M1/1658Degasification A61M1/166Heating A61M1/1662with heat exchange between fresh and used dialysate A61M1/1664with temperature control A61M1/1666by dissolving solids A61M1/1668Details of containers A61M1/167Flexible packaging for solid concentrates A61M1/1672using membrane filters A61M1/1674using UV radiation sources for sterilising the dialysate A61M1/1676containing proteins A61M1/1678intracorporal A61M1/168Sterilisation or cleaning before or after use A61M1/1682both machine and membrane module A61M1/1684Checking the module characteristics before reuse A61M1/1686by heat A61M1/1688with recirculation of the sterilising fluid A61M1/169using chemical substances A61M1/1692Detection of blood traces in dialysate A61M1/1694with recirculating dialysing liquid A61M1/1696with dialysate regeneration A61M1/1698Blood oxygenators with or without heat-exchangers A61M1/26and internal elements which are moving A61M1/262rotating A61M1/265inducing TAYLOR vortices A61M1/267used for pumping A61M1/28Peritoneal dialysis; Other peritoneal treatment A61M1/281Instillation other than by gravity A61M1/282Operational modes A61M1/284Continuous flow peritoneal dialysis [CFPD] A61M1/285Catheters therefor A61M1/287Dialysates therefor A61M1/288Priming A61M1/30Reciprocating systems, alternately withdrawing blood from and returning it to the patient A61M1/301Details A61M1/302having a reservoir for withdrawn untreated blood A61M1/303having a reservoir for treated blood to be returned A61M1/304Treatment chamber used as reservoir A61M1/305Control of inversion point between collection and re-infusion phase A61M1/306Pressure control A61M1/307Time control A61M1/308Volume control A61M1/309with trans-membrane pressure [TMP] increasing substantially continuously during arterial phase A61M1/32Oxygenators without membranes A61M1/322Antifoam; Defoaming A61M1/325Surfactant coating; Improving wettability A61M1/327using catalytic production of oxygen A61M1/34Filtering material out of the blood by passing it through a membrane A61M1/3403Regulation parameters A61M1/3406Physical characteristics of the filtrate A61M1/341by measuring the filtrate rate, volume A61M1/3413Diafiltration A61M1/3417using distinct filters for dialysis and ultra-filtration A61M1/342Adding solutions to the blood A61M1/3424Substitution fluid path A61M1/3427back through the membrane A61M1/3431upstream the filter A61M1/3434with pre-dilution and post-dilution A61M1/3437downstream the filter A61M1/3441Substitution rate control as a function of the ultrafiltration rate A61M1/3444in which the collected ultra-filtrate expels an equal volume of substitution fluid from a reservoir A61M1/3448by mechanical linked pumps in both ultra-filtrate and substitution flow line A61M1/3451the difference in weight between both ultra-filtrate and substitution reservoir being used as control signal A61M1/3455Substitution fluids A61M1/3458having electrolytes not present in the dialysate A61M1/3462Circuits for the preparation thereof A61M1/3465using dialysate as substitution fluid A61M1/3468using treated filtrate as substitution fluid A61M1/3472with treatment of the filtrate A61M1/3475with filtrate treatment agent in the same enclosure as the membrane A61M1/3479by dialyzing the filtrate A61M1/3482by filtrating the filtrate using another cross-flow filter A61M1/3486Biological, chemical treatment A61M1/3489by biological cells A61M1/3493using treatment agents in suspension A61M1/3496Plasmapheresis; Leucopheresis; Lymphopheresis A61M1/36Other treatment of blood in a by-pass of the natural circulatory system A61M1/3601Extra-corporeal circuits in which the blood fluid passes more than once through the treatment unit A61M1/3603in the same direction A61M1/3604in opposite directions A61M1/3606Arrangements for blood-volume reduction of extra-corporeal circuits A61M1/3607Regulation parameters A61M1/3609Physical characteristics of the blood A61M1/361before treatment A61M1/3612after treatment A61M1/3613Reperfusion A61M1/3615Cleaning blood contaminated by local chemotherapy of a body part temporarily isolated from the blood circuit A61M1/3616Batch-type treatment A61M1/3618Magnetic separation A61M1/362changing physical properties of target cells by binding them to added particles to facilitate their subsequent separation from other cells A61M1/3621Extra-corporeal blood circuits A61M1/3624Level detectors; Level control A61M1/3626Gas bubble detectors A61M1/3627Degassing devices; Buffer reservoirs; Drip chambers; Blood filters A61M1/3629degassing by changing pump speed A61M1/363Degassing by using vibrations A61M1/3632Combined venous-cardiotomy reservoirs A61M1/3633Blood component filters A61M1/3635Constructional details A61M1/3636having a flexible housing A61M1/3638with a vapour trap A61M1/3639Blood pressure control, pressure transducers specially adapted therefor A61M1/3641Pressure isolators A61M1/3643Priming, rinsing before or after use A61M1/3644Mode of operation A61M1/3646Expelling the residual body fluid after use A61M1/3647with recirculation of the priming solution A61M1/3649using dialysate as priming or rinsing liquid A61M1/365through membranes A61M1/3652using gas A61M1/3653Interfaces between patient blood circulation and extra-corporal blood circuit A61M1/3655Arterio-venous shunts, fistulae A61M1/3656Monitoring patency or flow at connection sites; Detecting disconnections A61M1/3658Indicating the amount of purified blood recirculating in the fistula or shunt A61M1/3659Cannulae pertaining to extracorporeal circulation A61M1/3661for haemodialysis A61M1/3663Flow rate transducers; Flow integrators A61M1/3664for preparing cardioplegia solutions A61M1/3666Cardiac or cardiopulmonary bypass A61M1/3667with assisted venous return A61M1/3669Electrical impedance measurement of body fluids; transducers specially adapted therefor A61M1/367Circuit parts not covered by the preceeding subgroups of group A61M1/3621 A61M1/3672Means preventing coagulation A61M1/3673Anticoagulant coating A61M1/3675Deactivation A61M1/3676by interposing a liquid layer between blood and air A61M1/3678Separation of cells using wave pressure; Manipulation of individual corpuscles A61M1/3679by absorption A61M1/3681by irradiation A61M1/3683using photoactive agents A61M1/3686by removing photoactive agents after irradiation A61M1/3687Chemical treatment A61M1/3689by biological cells A61M1/369Temperature treatment A61M1/3692Washing or rinsing blood or blood constituents A61M1/3693using separation based on different densities of components A61M1/3695with sedimentation by gravity A61M1/3696with means for adding or withdrawing liquid substances during the centrifugation A61M1/3698Expressing processed fluid out from the turning rotor using another fluid compressing the treatment chamber; Variable volume rotors A61M1/38Removing constituents from donor blood and storing or returning remainder to body A61M1/382Optimization of blood component yield A61M1/385taking into account of the patient characteristics A61M1/387taking into account of the needs or inventory