Driving, starting or stopping record carriers of filamentary or web form Driving both such record carriers and heads Guiding such record carriers or containers therefor Control thereof Control of operating function


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  • G11B15/00
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Sub Industries

G11B15/005Programmed access in sequence to indexed parts of tracks of operating tapes, by driving or guiding the tape G11B15/02Control of operating function G11B15/023remotely controlled G11B15/026by using processor G11B15/03by using counters G11B15/04Preventing, inhibiting, or warning against accidental erasing or double recording G11B15/05by sensing features present on or derived from record carrier or container G11B15/06by sensing auxiliary features on record carriers or containers G11B15/07on containers G11B15/08by photoelectric sensing G11B15/087by sensing recorded signals G11B15/093by sensing driving condition of record carrier G11B15/10Manually-operated control Solenoid-operated control G11B15/103electrically operated G11B15/106mechanically operated G11B15/12Masking of heads; circuits for Selecting or switching of heads between operative and inoperative functions or between different operative functions or for selection between operative heads Masking of beams G11B15/125conditioned by the operating function of the apparatus G11B15/14Masking or switching periodically G11B15/16by sensing presence, absence or position of record carrier or container G11B15/17of container G11B15/18Driving Starting Stopping Arrangements for control or regulation thereof G11B15/1808Driving of both record carrier and head G11B15/1816Programmed access in sequence to indexed parts of operating tapes cooperating with rotating heads G11B15/1825driving or moving the head in a direction which cuts across the direction of travel of the tape G11B15/1833with head driven in a plane, cyclically around an axis G11B15/1841with provision for information tracking by moving the transducing part of the head relative to the headwheel, in the direction of the scanning movement G11B15/185using signals recorded in tracks disposed in parallel with the scanning direction G11B15/1858using auxiliary signals G11B15/1866superimposed on the main signal track G11B15/1875adaptations for special effects or editing G11B15/1883for record carriers inside containers G11B15/1891the record carrier being endless G11B15/20Moving record carrier backwards or forwards by finite amounts G11B15/22Stopping means G11B15/24Drive disengaging means G11B15/26Driving record carriers by members acting directly or indirectly thereon G11B15/28through rollers driving by frictional contact with the record carrier G11B15/285through pneumatic means G11B15/29through pinch-rollers or tape rolls G11B15/295with single capstan or drum simultaneously driving the record carrier at two separate points of an isolated part thereof G11B15/30through the means for supporting the record carrier G11B15/32through the reels or cores on to which the record carrier is wound G11B15/34through non-skip drive means G11B15/38Driving record carriers by pneumatic means G11B15/385directly G11B15/40Driving record carriers otherwise than by electric motor G11B15/42manually G11B15/43Control or regulation of mechanical tension of record carrier G11B15/44Speed-changing arrangements Reversing arrangements Drive transfer means therefor G11B15/442Control thereof G11B15/444reversing arrangements G11B15/446by driving the reels only G11B15/448automatic reverse drive transfer therefor G11B15/46Controlling, regulating, or indicating speed G11B15/463by using pilot tracking tones embedded in binary coded signals G11B15/467in arrangements for recording or reproducing wherein both record carriers and heads are driven G11B15/4671by controlling simultaneously the speed of the tape and the speed of the rotating head G11B15/4672with provision for information tracking G11B15/4673by controlling the speed of the tape while the head is rotating G11B15/4675with provision for information tracking G11B15/4676using signals recorded in tracks disposed in parallel with the scanning direction G11B15/4677using auxiliary signals G11B15/4678superimposed on the main signal track G11B15/473by controlling the speed of the heads G11B15/4731control of headwheel rotation G11B15/4733with provision for information tracking G11B15/4735using signals recorded in tracks disposed parallel with the scanning direction G11B15/4736using auxiliary signals G11B15/4738superimposed on the main signal track G11B15/48Starting Accelerating Decelerating Arrangements preventing malfunction during drive change G11B15/50by mechanical linkage G11B15/52by using signals recorded on, or derived from, record carrier G11B15/54by stroboscope by tachometer G11B15/56the record carrier having reserve loop G11B15/58with vacuum column G11B15/60Guiding record carrier G11B15/602for track selection, acquisition or following G11B15/605without displacing the guiding means G11B15/607Pneumatic guiding G11B15/61on drum G11B15/615inside container G11B15/62Maintaining desired spacing between record carrier and head G11B15/64by fluid-dynamic spacing G11B15/66Threading Loading Automatic self-loading G11B15/662Positioning or locking of spool or reel G11B15/665by extracting loop of record carrier from container G11B15/6651to pull the record carrier against non rotating heads G11B15/6653to pull the record carrier against drum G11B15/6655using one loading ring G11B15/6656using two-sided extraction G11B15/6658with two loading rings rotating in opposite directions G11B15/67by extracting end of record carrier from container or spool G11B15/671using pneumatic means G11B15/672Extracting end of record carrier from container or single reel G11B15/673Threading end of record carrier externally to single reel G11B15/674Threading or attaching end of record carrier on or to single reel G11B15/675Guiding containers G11B15/67502Details G11B15/67505Servo control G11B15/67507Ejection damping means G11B15/6751with movement of the cassette parallel to its main side G11B15/67513and movement of driving elements perpendicular thereto G11B15/67515with servo control G11B15/67518with ejection damping means G11B15/67521of cassette with internal belt drive G11B15/67523with servo control G11B15/67526with ejection damping means G11B15/67528of endless tape cassette G11B15/67531with servo control G11B15/67534with ejection damping means G11B15/67536of cassette inside drawer G11B15/67539with servo control G11B15/67542with ejection damping means G11B15/67544with movement of the cassette parallel to its main side and subsequent movement perpendicular thereto G11B15/67547the two movements being made by the cassette holder G11B15/67549with servo control G11B15/67552with ejection damping means G11B15/67555the second movement only being made by the cassette holder G11B15/67557with servo control G11B15/6756with ejection damping means G11B15/67563with movement of the cassette perpendicular to its main side G11B15/67565of the cassette with holder G11B15/67568with servo control G11B15/67571with ejection damping means G11B15/67573of the cassette without holder G11B15/67576with servo control G11B15/67578with ejection damping means G11B15/67581with pivoting movement of the cassette holder G11B15/67584outside the apparatus G11B15/67586with servo control G11B15/67589with ejection damping means G11B15/67592inside the apparatus G11B15/67594with servo control G11B15/67597with ejection damping means G11B15/68Automatic cassette changing arrangements; automatic tape changing arrangements G11B15/6805with linearly moving rectangular box shaped magazines G11B15/681in vertical direction G11B15/6815in horizontal direction G11B15/682with fixed magazines having fixed cassette storage cells G11B15/6825Details of magazines G11B15/683wherein the recorder or player is moved according to the location of a selected cassette G11B15/6835the cassettes being transferred to a fixed recorder or player using a moving carriage G11B15/684the cassettes having a storage position inside the magazine and a slightly shifted active position G11B15/6845with rotatable magazine G11B15/685the cassettes being arranged in a single level G11B15/6855wherein the recorder or player is moved towards a selected cassette in the magazine G11B15/686with a fixed recorder or player in the centre or at the periphery of the magazine G11B15/6865with a fixed recorder or player under the magazine G11B15/687the cassettes being arranged in multiple levels G11B15/6875wherein the recorder or player is moved towards a selected cassette in the magazine G11B15/688the cassettes being transferred to a fixed recorder or player using a moving carriage G11B15/6885the cassettes being conveyed within a cassette storage location G11B15/689Control of the cassette changing arrangement G11B15/6895Automatic tape changing arrangements G11B15/70The record carrier being an endless loop record carrier