Scanning, transmission or reproduction of documents or the like


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H04N1/00002Diagnosis, testing or measuring; Detecting, analysing or monitoring not otherwise provided for H04N1/00005relating to image data H04N1/00007relating to particular apparatus or devices H04N1/0001Transmission systems or arrangements H04N1/00013Reading apparatus H04N1/00015Reproducing apparatus H04N1/00018Scanning arrangements H04N1/00021Picture signal circuits H04N1/00023Colour systems H04N1/00026Methods therefor H04N1/00029Diagnosis H04N1/00031Testing H04N1/00034Measuring H04N1/00037Detecting H04N1/00039Analysis H04N1/00042Monitoring H04N1/00045using a reference pattern designed for the purpose H04N1/00047using an image not specifically designed for the purpose H04N1/0005in service H04N1/00053out of service H04N1/00055automatically on a periodic basis H04N1/00058using a separate apparatus H04N1/00061using a remote apparatus H04N1/00063using at least a part of the apparatus itself H04N1/00066using a program downloaded or received from another apparatus H04N1/00068Calculating or estimating H04N1/00071characterised by the action taken H04N1/00074Indicating or reporting H04N1/00076locally H04N1/00079remotely H04N1/00082Adjusting or controlling H04N1/00084Recovery or repair H04N1/00087Setting or calibrating H04N1/0009Storage H04N1/00092relating to the original or to the reproducing medium H04N1/00095Systems or arrangements for the transmission of the picture signal H04N1/00098via a television channel H04N1/001specially adapted for transmission via digital wireline networks H04N1/00103specially adapted for radio transmission H04N1/00106using land mobile radio networks H04N1/00108of digital signals H04N1/00111specially adapted for optical transmission H04N1/00114with transmission of additional information signals H04N1/00116of multimedia information H04N1/00119of sound information only H04N1/00122of text or character information only H04N1/00124of video information only H04N1/00127Connection or combination of a still picture apparatus with another apparatus H04N1/00129with a display device H04N1/00132in a digital photofinishing system, i.e. a system where digital photographic images undergo typical photofinishing processing H04N1/00135Scanning of a photographic original H04N1/00137Transmission H04N1/0014via e-mail H04N1/00143Ordering H04N1/00145from a remote location H04N1/00148Storage H04N1/00151with selective access H04N1/00153for sharing images with a selected individual or correspondent H04N1/00156with a group of selected individuals or correspondents H04N1/00159for sharing images without access restriction H04N1/00161Viewing or previewing H04N1/00164at a remote location H04N1/00167Processing or editing H04N1/00169Digital image input H04N1/00172directly from a still digital camera or from a storage medium mounted in a still digital camera H04N1/00175from a still image storage medium H04N1/00177from a user terminal H04N1/0018of images captured using a loaned, rented or limited-use still digital camera H04N1/00183Photography assistance H04N1/00185Image output H04N1/00188Printing H04N1/0019on souvenir-type products or the like H04N1/00193to a portable storage medium H04N1/00196Creation of a photo-montage H04N1/00198Creation of a soft photo presentation H04N1/00201Creation of a lenticular or stereo hardcopy image H04N1/00204with a digital computer or a digital computer system H04N1/00206Transmitting or receiving computer data via an image communication device H04N1/00209Transmitting or receiving image data H04N1/00212Attaching image data to computer messages H04N1/00214details of transmission H04N1/00217only involving computer data transmission protocols H04N1/0022involving facsimile protocols or a combination of facsimile protocols and computer data transmission protocols H04N1/00222details of image data generation or reproduction H04N1/00225details of image data generation H04N1/00228Image push arrangements H04N1/0023Image pull arrangements H04N1/00233details of image data reproduction H04N1/00236using an image reading or reproducing device H04N1/00238using an image reproducing device as a local output from a computer H04N1/00241using an image reading device as a local input to a computer H04N1/00244with a server H04N1/00246with an optical device H04N1/00249with a photographic apparatus H04N1/00251with an apparatus for taking photographic images H04N1/00254with an electrophotographic copying machine H04N1/00257with an electro-developing recording medium H04N1/00259with an apparatus for processing exposed photographic materials H04N1/00262Reading a film during its processing H04N1/00265with a photographic printing apparatus H04N1/00267with a viewing or projecting apparatus H04N1/0027Reading or writing of non-image information from or to a photographic material H04N1/00273with apparatus for handling photographic material H04N1/00275Recording image information on a photographic material H04N1/00278with a printing apparatus H04N1/00281with a telecommunication apparatus H04N1/00283with a television apparatus H04N1/00286with studio circuitry, devices or equipment H04N1/00289in a video photo booth or the like H04N1/00291with receiver circuitry H04N1/00294for printing images at a television receiver H04N1/00297with a television signal recorder H04N1/00299with a television transmission apparatus H04N1/00302with a telephonic apparatus H04N1/00305with a cordless telephone apparatus H04N1/00307with a mobile telephone apparatus H04N1/0031with a selective call apparatus H04N1/00312with a digital transmission apparatus H04N1/00315with a radio transmission apparatus H04N1/00318with a multi-media apparatus H04N1/0032with a medium handling apparatus H04N1/00323with a measuring, monitoring or signaling apparatus H04N1/00326with a data reading, recognizing or recording apparatus H04N1/00328with an apparatus processing optically-read information H04N1/00331with an apparatus performing optical character recognition H04N1/00334with an apparatus processing barcodes or the like H04N1/00336with an apparatus performing pattern recognition H04N1/00339with an electronic or magnetic storage medium I/O device H04N1/00342with a radio frequency tag transmitter or receiver H04N1/00344with a management, maintenance, service or repair apparatus H04N1/00347with another still picture apparatus H04N1/0035User-machine interface; Control console H04N1/00352Input means H04N1/00355Mark-sheet input H04N1/00358Type of the scanned marks H04N1/0036Alphanumeric symbols H04N1/00363Bar codes or the like H04N1/00366Marks in boxes or the like H04N1/00368Location of the scanned marks H04N1/00371on a separate sheet H04N1/00374on the same page as at least a part of the image H04N1/00376Means for identifying a mark sheet or area H04N1/00379Means for enabling correct scanning of a mark sheet or area H04N1/00381Input by recognition or interpretation of visible user gestures H04N1/00384Key input means H04N1/00387Multiple functions per key H04N1/00389Programmable function keys H04N1/00392Other manual input means H04N1/00395Arrangements for reducing operator input H04N1/00397Switches, knobs or the like H04N1/004Rocker or tumbler switches H04N1/00403Voice input means H04N1/00405Output means H04N1/00408Display of information to the user H04N1/00411the display also being used for user input H04N1/00413using menus H04N1/00416Multi-level menus H04N1/00419Arrangements for navigating between pages or parts of the menu H04N1/00421using drop-down menus H04N1/00424using a list of graphical elements H04N1/00427using a menu list H04N1/00429using a navigation tree H04N1/00432using tabs H04N1/00435arranged in a predetermined sequence H04N1/00437Intelligent menus H04N1/0044for image preview or review H04N1/00442Simultaneous viewing of a plurality of images H04N1/00445arranged in a one dimensional array H04N1/00448horizontally H04N1/0045vertically H04N1/00453arranged in a two dimensional array H04N1/00456for layout preview H04N1/00458Sequential viewing of a plurality of images H04N1/00461marking or otherwise tagging one or more displayed image H04N1/00464using browsers H04N1/00466displaying finishing information H04N1/00469with enlargement of a selected area of the displayed information H04N1/00472using a pop-up window H04N1/00474outputting a plurality of functional options H04N1/00477Indicating status H04N1/0048Indicating an illegal or impossible operation or selection to the user H04N1/00482outputting a plurality of job set-up options H04N1/00485providing a hardcopy output to the user H04N1/00488providing an audible output to the user H04N1/0049providing a visual indication to the user H04N1/00493Particular location of the interface or console H04N1/00496Constructional details of the interface or console not otherwise provided for H04N1/00498Multi-lingual facilities H04N1/00501Tailoring a user interface [UI] to specific requirements H04N1/00503Customising to a particular machine or model, machine function or application H04N1/00506Customising to the data to be displayed H04N1/00509Personalising for a particular user or group of users H04N1/00511for a group of users H04N1/00514for individual users H04N1/00517involving favourite or frequently used settings H04N1/00519Constructional details not otherwise provided for H04N1/00522Reducing apparatus footprint H04N1/00525Providing a more compact apparatus H04N1/00527Discharge tray at least partially sandwiched between image generating and reproducing components H04N1/0053Discharge tray in cover H04N1/00533using slidably mounted components H04N1/00535using rotatably mounted or foldable components H04N1/00538Modular devices H04N1/00541with detachable image reading apparatus H04N1/00543Allowing easy access H04N1/00546using a side opening H04N1/00549Counter-measures for mechanical vibration not otherwise provided for H04N1/00551Top covers or the like H04N1/00554Latches or hinges therefor H04N1/00557Connection or assembly of components or elements H04N1/00559Mounting or support of components or elements H04N1/00562Supporting the apparatus as a whole H04N1/00564Constructional details relating to ergonomic aspects H04N1/00567Handling of original or reproduction media H04N1/0057Conveying sheets before or after scanning H04N1/00572with refeeding for double-sided scanning H04N1/00575Inverting the sheet prior to refeeding H04N1/00578using at least part of a loop H04N1/0058using at least one dead-end path H04N1/00583by rotating the sheet about an axis lying in its plane H04N1/00586Inverting the scanning elements with respect to the scanning plane prior to refeeding H04N1/00588to the scanning position H04N1/00591from the scanning position H04N1/00594along at least a part of the same path as transport to the scanning position H04N1/00596using at least a part of the apparatus in common for transporting to or from a plurality of scanning positions H04N1/00599Using specific components H04N1/00602Feed rollers H04N1/00604Transport trays H04N1/00607Grippers or the like H04N1/0061Feed belts H04N1/00612Path switches H04N1/00615Guiding elements H04N1/00618Transporting curved sheets or curving sheets during transportation H04N1/0062Removing sheets from a stack or inputting media H04N1/00623Selectively inputting media from one of a plurality of input sources H04N1/00625Removing sheets selectively from the top or bottom of a single stack or tray H04N1/00628Separating H04N1/00631Ejecting or stacking H04N1/00633selectively to one of a plurality of output trays H04N1/00636Ejecting sheets selectively to the top or bottom of a single stack or tray H04N1/00639Binding, stapling, folding or perforating H04N1/00641Sorting, reordering or inverting H04N1/00644Counting or calculating H04N1/00647Decurling H04N1/00649Control or synchronising different handling operations H04N1/00652Control of feeding speed H04N1/00655Apparatus in common for different handling operations H04N1/00657Compensating for different handling speeds of different apparatus or arrangements for handling a plurality of sheets simultaneously H04N1/0066Aligning or positioning related to handling H04N1/00663Indicating relating to handling of media H04N1/00665Details specific to handling of web-shaped media H04N1/00668Removing the medium from a cassette, spindle or the like H04N1/00671Winding or feeding the medium into a cassette or onto a spindle or the like H04N1/00673Controlling the amount of slack or tension control H04N1/00676Cutting H04N1/00679after scanning H04N1/00681Detecting the presence, position or size of a sheet or correcting its position before scanning H04N1/00684Object of the detection H04N1/00687Presence or absence H04N1/00689Presence H04N1/00692Absence H04N1/00694in an input tray H04N1/00697in an output tray H04N1/007of holder H04N1/00702Position H04N1/00705at a plurality of spaced apart locations H04N1/00708Size or dimensions H04N1/0071Width H04N1/00713Length H04N1/00716Thickness H04N1/00718Skew H04N1/00721Orientation H04N1/00724Type of sheet H04N1/00726Other properties of the sheet H04N1/00729Detection means H04N1/00732Mechanical detectors H04N1/00734Optical detectors H04N1/00737using the scanning elements as detectors H04N1/0074using inactive scanning elements H04N1/00742Detection methods H04N1/00745Detecting the leading or trailing ends of a moving sheet H04N1/00748Detecting edges H04N1/0075Detecting a change in reflectivity H04N1/00753of a sheet relative to a particular backgroud H04N1/00755Detecting an interruption of light H04N1/00758using a prescan H04N1/00761using reference marks H04N1/00763Action taken as a result of detection H04N1/00766Storing data H04N1/00769Comparing H04N1/00771Indicating or reporting H04N1/00774Adjusting or controlling H04N1/00777Inhibiting H04N1/00779Adjusting settings H04N1/00782Initiating operations H04N1/00785Correcting the position of a sheet before scanning H04N1/00787using mechanical means H04N1/0079using guide or holder H04N1/00793using paper feeding mechanism H04N1/00795Reading arrangements H04N1/00798Circuits or arrangements for the control thereof H04N1/00801according to characteristics of the original H04N1/00803Presence or absence of information H04N1/00806According to type of the original H04N1/00809Orientation H04N1/00811according to user specified instructions H04N1/00814according to a detected condition or state of the reading apparatus H04N1/00816Determining the reading area H04N1/00819Self-calibrating reading means H04N1/00822Selecting or setting a particular reading mode H04N1/00824for displaying or indicating H04N1/00827Arrangements for reading an image from an unusual original H04N1/0083Arrangements for transferring signals between different components of the apparatus H04N1/00832Recording use H04N1/00835Detecting external or ambient light H04N1/00838Preventing unauthorised reproduction H04N1/0084Determining the necessity for prevention H04N1/00843based on recognising a copy prohibited original H04N1/00846based on detection of a dedicated indication H04N1/00848by detecting a particular original H04N1/00851externally to or remotely from the reproduction apparatus H04N1/00854Recognising an unauthorised user or user-associated action H04N1/00856Preventive measures H04N1/00859Issuing an alarm or the like H04N1/00862Retaining the original H04N1/00864Modifying the reproduction H04N1/00867with additional data H04N1/0087with hidden additional data H04N1/00872by image quality reduction H04N1/00875Inhibiting reproduction H04N1/00877Recording information H04N1/0088Detecting or preventing tampering attacks on the reproduction system H04N1/00883Auto-copy-preventive originals H04N1/00885Power supply means H04N1/00888Control thereof H04N1/00891Switching on or off H04N1/00893using a back-up supply H04N1/00896using a low-power mode H04N1/00899Detection of supply level or supply failure H04N1/00901Using different supplies or connection to an external supply H04N1/00904Arrangements for supplying power to different circuits or for supplying power at different levels H04N1/00907Details of supply connection H04N1/00909Cleaning arrangements or preventing or counter-acting contamination from dust or the like H04N1/00912Arrangements for controlling a still picture apparatus or components thereof not otherwise provided for H04N1/00915Assigning priority to, or interrupting, a particular operation H04N1/00917Resuming after an intentional interruption H04N1/0092Assigning priority according to size job or task H04N1/00923Variably assigning priority H04N1/00925Inhibiting an operation H04N1/00928Initialisation or control of normal start-up or shut-down H04N1/00931Synchronising different operations or sub-apparatus H04N1/00933Timing control or synchronising H04N1/00936Skipping a function or process step H04N1/00938Software related arrangements H04N1/00941Interaction of different applications H04N1/00944using hot folders H04N1/00946Details of actions associated with a hot folder H04N1/00949Combining applications H04N1/00952Using a plurality of control devices H04N1/00954Scheduling operations or managing resources H04N1/00957Compiling jobs H04N1/0096Simultaneous or quasi-simultaneous functioning of a plurality of operations H04N1/00962Input arrangements for operating instructions or parameters H04N1/00965using a plug-in memory module H04N1/00968by scanning marks on a sheet H04N1/0097Storage of instructions or parameters H04N1/00973from a remote device H04N1/00976Arrangements for regulating environment H04N1/00978Temperature control H04N1/00981by forced convection H04N1/00984using fins or the like H04N1/00986Heating H04N1/00989by natural convection H04N1/00992Humidity control H04N1/00994Compensating for electric noise H04N1/00997Light control H04N1/024Details of scanning heads; Means for illuminating the original H04N1/02409Focusing H04N1/02418for picture information pick up and reproduction H04N1/02427in different planes H04N1/02436using a single head selectively and alternately arranged to scan in the different planes H04N1/02445in the same plane H04N1/02454using interchangeable heads H04N1/02463using heads mounted on the same support or substrate H04N1/02472using a single head H04N1/02481Arrangements for positioning elements within a head H04N1/0249Arrangements for mounting or supporting elements within a scanning head H04N1/028for picture information pick-up H04N1/02805with photodetectors arranged in a two-dimensional array H04N1/0281with means for collecting light from a line or an area of the original and for guiding it to only one or a relatively low number of picture element detectors H04N1/02815Means for illuminating the original, not specific to a particular type of pick-up head H04N1/0282Using a single or a few point light sources H04N1/02825in combination with at least one reflector which is fixed in relation to the light source H04N1/0283in combination with a light deflecting element H04N1/02835in combination with a light guide H04N1/0284in combination with a light integrating, concentrating or diffusing cavity H04N1/02845using an elongated light source H04N1/0285in combination with at least one reflector which is in fixed relation to the light source H04N1/02855in combination with a light guide H04N1/0286in combination with a light integrating, concentrating or defusing cavity H04N1/02865using an array of light sources or a combination of such arrays H04N1/0287using a tubular lamp or a combination of such lamps H04N1/02875comprising a reflective coating H04N1/0288using a two-dimensional light source H04N1/02885Means for compensating spatially uneven illumination H04N1/0289Light diffusing elements H04N1/02895Additional elements in the illumination means or cooperating with the illumination means H04N1/029Heads optically focused on only one picture element at a time H04N1/03with photodetectors arranged in a substantially linear array H04N1/0301using a bent optical path between the scanned line and the photodetector array H04N1/0303with the scanned line and the photodetector array lying in non-parallel planes H04N1/0305with multiple folds of the optical path H04N1/0306using a plurality of optical elements arrayed in the main scan direction H04N1/0308characterised by the design of the photodetectors H04N1/031the photodetectors having a one-to-one and optically positive correspondence with the scanned picture elements H04N1/0311using an array of elements to project the scanned image elements onto the photodetectors H04N1/0312using an array of optical fibres or rod-lenses H04N1/0313Direct contact pick-up heads H04N1/0314using photodetectors and illumination means mounted in the same plane on a common support or substrate H04N1/0315using photodetectors and illumination means mounted on separate supports or substrates or mounted in different planes H04N1/0316illuminating the scanned image elements through the plane of the photodetector H04N1/0317detecting the scanned image elements through the plane of the illumination means H04N1/0318Integral pick-up heads H04N1/032for picture information reproduction H04N1/0323Heads moving to and away from the reproducing medium H04N1/0326Magnetic heads H04N1/034using ink H04N1/036for optical reproduction H04N1/04Scanning arrangements H04N1/0402Scanning different formats; Scanning with different densities of dots per unit length H04N1/0405Different formats H04N1/0408Different densities of dots per unit length H04N1/0411in the main scanning direction H04N1/0414in the sub scanning direction H04N1/0417Conversion of standards H04N1/042Details of the method used H04N1/0423Switching between or selecting from a plurality of optical paths H04N1/0426using different sized scanning elements H04N1/0429Varying the size of apertures H04N1/0432Varying the magnification of a single lens group H04N1/0435Optical element switching H04N1/0437Tilting an array with respect to the main or sub scanning direction H04N1/044Tilting an optical element H04N1/0443Varying the scanning velocity or position H04N1/0446Varying the modulation time or intensity H04N1/0449using different sets of scanning elements H04N1/0452mounted on the same support or substrate H04N1/0455using a single set of scanning elements H04N1/0458using different portions of the scanning elements for different formats or densities of dots H04N1/0461part of the apparatus being used in common for reading and reproducing H04N1/0464capable of performing non-simultaneous scanning at more than one scanning station H04N1/0467the different stations being used for transmissive and reflective originals H04N1/047Detection, control or error compensation of scanning velocity or position H04N1/0473in subscanning direction H04N1/0476Indicating the scanning velocity H04N1/053in main scanning direction H04N1/06using cylindrical picture-bearing surfaces H04N1/0607Scanning a concave surface H04N1/0614with main-scanning by rotation of the picture-bearing surface H04N1/0621using a picture-bearing surface stationary in the main-scanning direction H04N1/0628using several scanning heads circumferentially spaced from one another and circumferentially aligned H04N1/0635using oscillating or rotating mirrors H04N1/0642Scanners capable of scanning the total circumference of a closed cylinder H04N1/065using rotating prisms H04N1/0657Scanning a transparent surface H04N1/0664with sub-scanning by translational movement of the picture-bearing surface H04N1/0671with sub-scanning by translational movement of the main-scanning components H04N1/0678using a lead-screw or worm H04N1/0685using a belt or cable H04N1/0692Details of the cylindrical surface H04N1/08Mechanisms for mounting or holding the sheet around the drum H04N1/0804Holding methods H04N1/0808Holding corners of the sheet H04N1/0813Holding sides of the sheet which are substantially parallel to the drum axis H04N1/0817Holding sides of the sheet which are substantially perpendicular to the drum axis H04N1/0821Holding substantially the whole of the sheet H04N1/0826Holding or supporting the sheet in the vicinity of the scanning element H04N1/083Holding means H04N1/0834Flexible holding means H04N1/0839Mechanical clamps H04N1/0843Pins or the like H04N1/0847Magnetic means H04N1/0852Adhesive means H04N1/0856Suction or vacuum means H04N1/086using grooves H04N1/0865Single holding means holding both ends of a sheet H04N1/0869capable of holding different sized sheets H04N1/0873for holding the sheet on the internal surface of the drum H04N1/0878for holding a sheet adjacent an aperture on an opaque drum H04N1/0882Registering or guiding means other than the holding means H04N1/0886Mounting the sheet from a roll H04N1/0891Detecting failure of the holding H04N1/0895Means other than holding means for removing the sheet form the drum H04N1/10using flat picture-bearing surfaces H04N1/1004using two-dimensional electrical scanning H04N1/1008with sub-scanning by translatory movement of the picture-bearing surface H04N1/1013with sub-scanning by translatory movement of at least a part of the main-scanning components H04N1/1017the main-scanning components remaining positionally invariant with respect to one another in the sub-scanning direction H04N1/1021using a lead screw or worm H04N1/1026using a belt or cable H04N1/103by engaging a rail H04N1/1035by other means H04N1/1039Movement of the main scanning components H04N1/1043of a sensor array H04N1/1048of a lens or lens arrangement H04N1/1052of a mirror H04N1/1056of two or more separate mirror arrangements H04N1/1061Details relating to flat picture-bearing surfaces H04N1/1065Support or mounting of the flat picture-bearing surface H04N1/107with manual scanning H04N1/1071using a folded light path H04N1/1072Means for guiding the scanning H04N1/1074Apparatus incorporating a hardcopy reproducing device H04N1/1075Arrangements for facilitating holding of the scanner H04N1/1077Arrangements for facilitating movement over the scanned medium H04N1/1078by moving the scanned medium H04N1/113using oscillating or rotating mirrors H04N1/1135for the main-scan only H04N1/12using the sheet-feed movement or the medium-advance or the drum-rotation movement as the slow scanning component H04N1/1205using a device H04N1/121Feeding arrangements H04N1/1215Feeding using one or more cylindrical platens or rollers in the immediate vicinity of the main scanning line H04N1/122using a feed belt H04N1/1225Means for maintaining contact between the sheet and the image sensor H04N1/123Using a dedicated sheet guide element H04N1/1235Feeding a sheet past a transparent plate; Details thereof H04N1/124Plate shape H04N1/1245Arrangements for mounting or holding the plate H04N1/125the sheet feeding apparatus serving an auxiliary function H04N1/1255Electronic copy boards H04N1/126Arrangements for the main scanning H04N1/1265using a holographic scanning element H04N1/127using a cathode ray tube or the like H04N1/1275using a solid-state deflector H04N1/128using a scanning head arranged for linear reciprocating motion H04N1/1285using apertures arranged in a spiral H04N1/129using an element rotating or oscillating about an axis not covered by any other group or code H04N1/1295using an optical guide H04N1/14using a rotating endless belt carrying the scanning heads or at least a part of the main scanning components H04N1/16using a rotating helical element H04N1/17the scanning speed being dependent on content of picture H04N1/19using multi-element arrays H04N1/1903Arrangements for enabling electronic abutment of lines or areas independently scanned by different elements of an array or by different arrays H04N1/1906Arrangements for performing substitution scanning for a defective element H04N1/191the array comprising a one-dimensional array, or a combination of one-dimensional arrays, or a substantially one-dimensional array H04N1/1911Simultaneously or substantially simultaneously scanning picture elements on more than one main scanning line H04N1/1912Scanning main scanning lines which are spaced apart from one another in the sub-scanning direction H04N1/1913Scanning adjacent picture elements in different scans of the array H04N1/1915with subscan displacement of the array between successive scans H04N1/1916using an array of elements displaced from one another in the main scan direction H04N1/1917Staggered element array H04N1/1918Combination of arrays H04N1/192Simultaneously or substantially simultaneously scanning picture elements on one main scanning line H04N1/193using electrically scanned linear arrays H04N1/1931with scanning elements electrically interconnected in groups H04N1/1932using an array of elements displaced from one another in the sub scan direction H04N1/1933Staggered element arrays H04N1/1934Combination of arrays H04N1/1935Optical means for mapping the whole or part of a scanned line onto the array H04N1/1936using a light guide H04N1/1937using a reflecting element H04N1/1938Details of the electrical scanning H04N1/195the array comprising a two-dimensional array or a combination of two-dimensional arrays H04N1/19505Scanning picture elements spaced apart from one another in at least one direction H04N1/1951in one direction H04N1/19515in two directions H04N1/19521Arrangements for moving the elements of the array relative to the scanned image or vice versa H04N1/19526Optical means H04N1/19531Reflecting elements H04N1/19536Refracting elements H04N1/19542Fibre bundles H04N1/19547Apertures H04N1/19552Rotation of optical elements H04N1/19557about an axis parallel to the optical axis H04N1/19563about an axis perpendicular to the optical axis H04N1/19568Displacing the array H04N1/19573Displacing the scanned image H04N1/19578Hybrid systems H04N1/19584Combination of arrays H04N1/19589Optical means H04N1/19594using a television camera or a still video camera H04N1/203Simultaneous scanning of two or more separate pictures H04N1/2032of two pictures corresponding to two sides of a single medium H04N1/2034at identical corresponding positions H04N1/2036of a plurality of pictures corresponding to a single side of a plurality of media H04N1/2038lying in the same plane H04N1/207Simultaneous scanning of the original picture and the reproduced picture with a common scanning device H04N1/21Intermediate information storage H04N1/2104for one or a few pictures H04N1/2108for one picture only H04N1/2112using still video cameras H04N1/2116Picture signal recording combined with imagewise recording H04N1/212Motion video recording combined with still video recording H04N1/2125Display of information relating to the still picture recording H04N1/2129Recording in, or reproducing from, a specific memory area or areas, or recording or reproducing at a specific moment H04N1/2133Recording or reproducing at a specific moment H04N1/2137with temporary storage before final recording H04N1/2141in a multi-frame buffer H04N1/2145of a sequence of images for selection of a single frame before final recording H04N1/215Recording a sequence of still pictures H04N1/2154the still video camera incorporating a hardcopy reproducing device H04N1/2158using a detachable storage unit H04N1/2162using a non electronic storage unit H04N1/2166for mass storage H04N1/217Interfaces allowing access to a single user H04N1/2175with local image input H04N1/2179Interfaces allowing access to a plurality of users H04N1/2183the stored images being distributed among a plurality of different locations H04N1/2187with image input from a plurality of different locations or from a non-central location H04N1/2191for simultaneous, independent access by a plurality of different users H04N1/2195with temporary storage before final recording or on play-back H04N1/23Reproducing arrangements H04N1/2307Circuits or arrangements for the control thereof H04N1/2315according to characteristics of the reproducing apparatus H04N1/2323according to characteristics of the reproducing medium H04N1/233according to characteristics of the data to be reproduced H04N1/2338according to user specified instructions H04N1/2346according to a detected condition or state of the reproducing device H04N1/2353Selecting a particular reproducing medium from amongst a plurality of media or from a particular tray H04N1/2361Selecting a particular reproducing device from amongst a plurality of devices H04N1/2369Selecting a particular reproducing mode from amongst a plurality of modes H04N1/2376Inhibiting or interrupting a particular operation or device H04N1/2384for fitting data onto a particular reproducing medium without modifying the image data H04N1/2392for displaying or indicating H04N1/27involving production of a magnetic intermediate picture H04N1/29involving production of an electrostatic intermediate picture H04N1/295Circuits or arrangements for the control thereof H04N1/31Mechanical arrangements for picture transmission H04N1/32Circuits or arrangements for control or supervision between transmitter and receiver or between image input and image output device H04N1/32005Automation of particular receiver jobs H04N1/3201Rejecting unwanted calls H04N1/32016according to the caller's identification H04N1/32021according to the type of received information H04N1/32026Changing the receiver mode of operation H04N1/32032Polling of transmitters H04N1/32037Automation of particular transmitter jobs H04N1/32042with reading of job-marks on a page H04N1/32048Auto-dialling or Auto-calling H04N1/32053Delayed transmission H04N1/32058Abbreviated dialing H04N1/32064Multi-address calling H04N1/32069simultaneously to a plurality of destinations H04N1/32074Redialing H04N1/3208Transmitting a plurality of separate messages to a common destination in a single transmission H04N1/32085Automation of other tasks H04N1/3209according to the called number H04N1/32096Checking the destination H04N1/32101Display, printing, storage or transmission of additional information H04N1/32106separate from the image data H04N1/32112in a separate computer file, document page or paper sheet H04N1/32117in a separate transmission or protocol signal prior to or subsequent to the image data transmission H04N1/32122in a separate device H04N1/32128attached to the image data H04N1/32133on the same paper sheet H04N1/32138in an electronic device attached to the sheet H04N1/32144embedded in the image data, i.e. enclosed or integrated in the image H04N1/32149Methods relating to embedding, encoding, decoding, detection or retrieval operations H04N1/32154Transform domain methods H04N1/3216using Fourier transforms H04N1/32165using cosine transforms H04N1/3217using wavelet transforms H04N1/32176using Walsh, Hadamard or Walsh-Hadamard transforms H04N1/32181using Karhunen-Loeve transforms H04N1/32187with selective or adaptive application of the additional information H04N1/32192according to calculated or estimated visibility of the additional information in the image H04N1/32197according to the spatial domain characteristics of the transform domain components H04N1/32203Spatial or amplitude domain methods H04N1/32208involving changing the magnitude of selected pixels H04N1/32213Modulating the least significant bits of pixels H04N1/32219involving changing the position of selected pixels H04N1/32224Replacing pixels of an image with other pixels from the same image H04N1/32229with selective or adaptive application of the additional information H04N1/32235in highly textured regions H04N1/3224in edge regions H04N1/32245Random or pseudorandom selection of pixels H04N1/32251in multilevel data H04N1/32256in halftone data H04N1/32261in binary data H04N1/32267combined with processing of the image H04N1/32272Encryption or ciphering H04N1/32277Compression H04N1/32283Hashing H04N1/32288Multiple embedding H04N1/32293Repeating the additional information in a regular pattern H04N1/32299using more than one embedding method H04N1/32304Embedding different sets of additional information H04N1/32309in colour image data H04N1/32315Selecting a particular method from amongst a plurality of methods H04N1/3232Robust embedding or watermarking H04N1/32325the embedded data being visible H04N1/32331Fragile embedding or watermarking H04N1/32336Informed embedding H04N1/32341Blind embedding H04N1/32347Reversible embedding H04N1/32352Controlling detectability or arrangements to facilitate detection or retrieval of the embedded information H04N1/32358using picture signal storage H04N1/32363at the transmitter or at the receiver H04N1/32368Functions of a still picture terminal memory associated with transmission H04N1/32374Storage subsequent to an attempted transmission H04N1/32379Functions of a still picture terminal memory associated with reception H04N1/32384Storage subsequent to an attempted output at the receiver H04N1/3239Forwarding image data H04N1/32395Informing an absent addressee of receipt H04N1/324intermediate the transmitter and receiver terminals H04N1/32406in connection with routing or relaying H04N1/32411Handling instructions for routing or relaying H04N1/32416Storage of instructions or retrieval of prestored instructions H04N1/32422Reprocessing messages H04N1/32427Optimising routing H04N1/32432in a particular memory file for retrieval by the user H04N1/32438Informing the addressee of reception H04N1/32443with asynchronous operation of the image input and output devices connected to the memory H04N1/32448Controlling data flow to or from the memory in relation to the available memory capacity H04N1/32454Controlling data flow to or from the memory in relation to the amount of data H04N1/32459for changing the arrangement of the stored data H04N1/32464Changing the arrangement of pages or documents H04N1/3247Changing the arrangement of data in a page H04N1/32475Changing the format of the data H04N1/3248Storage of at least a part of one of two image bearing sides of a single sheet H04N1/32486Storage for making a plurality of copies or reproductions H04N1/32491alternate storage in and retrieval from two parallel memories H04N1/32496Changing the task performed H04N1/32502in systems having a plurality of input or output devices H04N1/32507a plurality of input devices H04N1/32512of different type H04N1/32518details of interfacing H04N1/32523a plurality of output devices H04N1/32529of different type H04N1/32534details of interfacing H04N1/32539Detecting or indicating the status of the output devices H04N1/32545Distributing a job or task among a plurality of input devices or a plurality of output devices H04N1/3255Hybrid jobs, i.e. performing different parts of the same job on different devices H04N1/32555Large jobs H04N1/32561using a programmed control device H04N1/32566at the transmitter or at the receiver H04N1/32571Details of system components H04N1/32577Input interface H04N1/32582Output interface H04N1/32587Controller H04N1/32593Using a plurality of controllers H04N1/32598Bus based systems H04N1/32603Multi-bus systems H04N1/32609Fault detection or counter-measures H04N1/32614related to a single-mode communication H04N1/32619with retransmission H04N1/32625Fault detection H04N1/3263of reading apparatus or transmitter H04N1/32635of reproducing apparatus or receiver H04N1/32641of transmission or transmitted data H04N1/32646Counter-measures H04N1/32651Indicating or reporting H04N1/32657locally H04N1/32662remotely H04N1/32667Restarting a communication or performing a recovery operation H04N1/32673Adjusting or controlling an operating mode H04N1/32678Performing substitution H04N1/32683Preventive counter-measures H04N1/32689Involving the use of error correction codes H04N1/32694Storing a fault condition in memory H04N1/327Initiating, continuing or ending a single-mode communication Handshaking therefor H04N1/32702using digital control signals H04N1/32704Establishing a communication with one of a facsimile and another telecommunication apparatus sharing a single line H04N1/32706Type of the other apparatus H04N1/32708Telephone H04N1/3271Telephone answering machine H04N1/32713Data transmission device H04N1/32715Detecting H04N1/32717a calling tone H04N1/32719a facsimile calling signal H04N1/32721facsimile protocol signals H04N1/32723speech signals H04N1/32726signals other than facsimile protocol signals H04N1/32728an off-hook condition H04N1/3273a loop current H04N1/32732within a predetermined time H04N1/32734Maintaining the detecting operation after an apparatus has been connected to the line H04N1/32736a state or mode of the facsimile apparatus H04N1/32739Generating signals H04N1/32741Generating ringing or calling signals or tones H04N1/32743Generating ring-back signals or tones H04N1/32745Generating messages, indications or warnings locally H04N1/32747Controlling the connection of the apparatus H04N1/3275Giving priority to one of the apparatus H04N1/32752Manual connection of one of the apparatus other than by putting a telephone off-hook H04N1/32754Automatically connecting another apparatus when a first one has finished H04N1/32756Inhibiting connection of another apparatus when a first one is connected H04N1/32758Sending a voice message other than from a telephone answering machine H04N1/3276Ring suppression H04N1/32763Supplying power to the apparatus H04N1/32765Initiating a communication H04N1/32767in response to a user operation H04N1/32769in response to detection of an original H04N1/32771in response to a request H04N1/32773to capture an image H04N1/32776using an interactive, user-operated device H04N1/32778using a mark-sheet or machine-readable code request H04N1/3278using a protocol or handshaking signal H04N1/32782using a tone- or pulse-coded request H04N1/32784using a voice request H04N1/32786Ending a communication H04N1/32789Details of handshaking H04N1/32791Arrangements for reducing the handshaking procedure or protocol time H04N1/32793Controlling a receiver or transmitter non-communication function in response to a communication control signal H04N1/32795Arrangements for keeping the communication line open H04N1/32797Systems adapted to communicate over more than one channel H04N1/333Mode signalling or mode changing Handshaking therefor H04N1/33307prior to start of transmission, input or output of the picture signal only H04N1/33315reading or reproducing mode only H04N1/33323transmission mode only H04N1/3333during transmission, input or output of the picture signal; within a single document or page H04N1/33338adapting to particular facsimile group H04N1/33346adapting to a particular standardised protocol H04N1/33353according to the available bandwidth used for a single communication H04N1/33361according to characteristics or the state of the communication line H04N1/33369Storage of mode or retrieval of prestored mode H04N1/33376according to characteristics or state of one of the communicating parties H04N1/33384according to transient characteristics or state H04N1/33392Details of handshaking H04N1/34for coin-freed systems; pay systems H04N1/342Accounting or charging based on content H04N1/344Accounting or charging based on type of function or service used H04N1/346Accounting or charging based on a number representative of the service used H04N1/348Accounting or charging based on time or day H04N1/36for synchronising or phasing transmitter and receiver H04N1/38Circuits or arrangements for blanking or otherwise eliminating unwanted parts of pictures H04N1/387Composing, repositioning or otherwise geometrically modifying originals H04N1/3871the composed originals being of different kinds H04N1/3872Repositioning or masking H04N1/3873defined only by a limited number of coordinate points or parameters H04N1/3875combined with enlarging or reducing H04N1/3876Recombination of partial images to recreate the original image H04N1/3877Image rotation H04N1/3878Skew detection or correction H04N1/393Enlarging or reducing H04N1/3935with modification of image resolution H04N1/40Picture signal circuits H04N1/40006Compensating for the effects of ageing H04N1/40012Conversion of colour to monochrome H04N1/40018Halftoning H04N1/40025Circuits exciting or modulating particular heads for reproducing continuous tone value scales H04N1/40031for a plurality of reproducing elements simultaneously H04N1/40037the reproducing element being a laser H04N1/40043using more than one type of modulation H04N1/4005with regulating circuits H04N1/40056Circuits for driving or energising particular reading heads or original illumination means H04N1/40062Discrimination between different image types H04N1/40068Modification of image resolution H04N1/40075Descreening H04N1/40081Soft dot halftoning H04N1/40087Multi-toning, i.e. converting a continuous-tone signal for reproduction with more than two discrete brightnesses or optical densities H04N1/40093Modification of content of picture H04N1/401Compensating positionally unequal response of the pick-up or reproducing head H04N1/4015of the reproducing head H04N1/403Discrimination between the two tones in the picture signal of a two-tone original H04N1/405Halftoning H04N1/4051producing a dispersed dots halftone pattern, the dots having substantially the same size H04N1/4052by error diffusion H04N1/4053with threshold modulated relative to input image data or vice-versa H04N1/4055producing a clustered dots or a size modulated halftone pattern H04N1/4056the pattern varying in one dimension only H04N1/4057the pattern being a mixture of differently sized sub-patterns H04N1/4058with details for producing a halftone screen at an oblique angle H04N1/407Control or modification of tonal gradation or of extreme levels H04N1/4072dependent on the contents of the original H04N1/4074using histograms H04N1/4076dependent on references outside the picture H04N1/4078using gradational references H04N1/409Edge or detail enhancement Noise or error suppression H04N1/4092Edge or detail enhancement H04N1/4095Correction of errors due to scanning a two-sided document H04N1/4097Removing errors due external factors H04N1/41Bandwidth or redundancy reduction H04N1/4105for halftone screened pictures H04N1/411for the transmission or storage or reproduction of two-tone pictures H04N1/4115involving the recognition of specific patterns H04N1/413Systems or arrangements allowing the picture to be reproduced without loss or modification of picture-information H04N1/4135in which a baseband signal showing more than two values or a continuously varying baseband signal is transmitted or recorded H04N1/415in which the picture-elements are subdivided or grouped into fixed one-dimensional or two-dimensional blocks H04N1/417using predictive or differential encoding H04N1/4172Progressive encoding H04N1/4175involving the encoding of tone transitions with respect to tone transitions in a reference line H04N1/4177encoding document change data H04N1/419in which encoding of the length of a succession of picture-elements of the same value along a scanning line is the only encoding step H04N1/42Systems for two-way working H04N1/44Secrecy systems H04N1/4406Restricting access H04N1/4413involving the use of passwords, ID codes or the like H04N1/442using a biometric data reading device H04N1/4426involving separate means H04N1/4433to an apparatus, part of an apparatus or an apparatus function H04N1/444to a particular document or image or part thereof H04N1/4446Hiding of documents or document information H04N1/4453Covering H04N1/446Enclosing H04N1/4466Enveloping, wrapping, or sealing H04N1/4473Destruction H04N1/448Rendering the image unintelligible H04N1/4486using digital data encryption H04N1/4493Subsequently rendering the image intelligible using a co-operating image, mask or the like H04N1/46Colour picture communication systems H04N1/465Conversion of monochrome to colour H04N1/48Picture signal generators H04N1/482using the same detector device sequentially for different colour components H04N1/484with sequential colour illumination of the original H04N1/486with separate detectors, each detector being used for one specific colour component H04N1/488using beam-splitters H04N1/50Picture reproducers H04N1/502Reproducing the colour component signals dot-sequentially or simultaneously in a single or in adjacent picture-element positions H04N1/504Reproducing the colour component signals line-sequentially H04N1/506Reproducing the colour component signals picture-sequentially H04N1/508using the same reproducing head for two or more colour components H04N1/52Circuits or arrangements for halftone screening H04N1/54Conversion of colour picture signals to a plurality of signals some of which represent particular mixed colours H04N1/56Processing of colour picture signals H04N1/58Edge or detail enhancement Noise or error suppression H04N1/60Colour correction or control H04N1/6002Corrections within particular colour systems H04N1/6005with luminance or chrominance signals H04N1/6008with primary colour signals H04N1/6011with simulation on a subsidiary picture reproducer H04N1/6013by simulating several colour corrected versions of the same image simultaneously on the same picture reproducer H04N1/6016Conversion to subtractive colour signals H04N1/6019using look-up tables H04N1/6022Generating a fourth subtractive colour signal H04N1/6025using look-up tables H04N1/6027Correction or control of colour gradation or colour contrast H04N1/603controlled by characteristics of the picture signal generator or the picture reproducer H04N1/6033using test pattern analysis H04N1/6036involving periodic tests or tests during use of the machine H04N1/6038for controlling interaction among colorants H04N1/6041for controlling uniformity of color across image area H04N1/6044involving a sensor integrated in the machine or otherwise specifically adapted to read the test pattern H04N1/6047wherein the test pattern is part of an arbitrary user image H04N1/605for controlling ink amount, strike-through, bleeding soakage or the like H04N1/6052Matching two or more picture signal generators or two or more picture reproducers H04N1/6055using test pattern analysis H04N1/6058Reduction of colour to a range of reproducible colours H04N1/6061involving the consideration or construction of a gamut surface H04N1/6063dependent on the contents of the image to be reproduced H04N1/6066dependent on the gamut of the image to be reproduced H04N1/6069spatially varying within the image H04N1/6072adapting to different types of images H04N1/6075Corrections to the hue H04N1/6077Colour balance H04N1/608within the L, C1, C2 colour signals H04N1/6083controlled by factors external to the apparatus H04N1/6086by scene illuminant, i.e. conditions at the time of picture capture H04N1/6088by viewing conditions H04N1/6091by environmental factors H04N1/6094depending on characteristics of the input medium H04N1/6097depending on the characteristics of the output medium H04N1/62Retouching H04N1/622with simulation on a subsidiary picture reproducer H04N1/624Red-eye correction H04N1/626Detection of non-electronic marks H04N1/628Memory colours H04N1/64Systems for the transmission or the storage of the colour picture signal Details therefor H04N1/642Adapting to different types of images H04N1/644using a reduced set of representative colours H04N1/646Transmitting or storing colour television type signals H04N1/648Transmitting or storing the primary (additive or subtractive) colour signals; Compression thereof