Spectrometry Spectrophotometry Monochromators Measuring colour


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  • G01J3/00
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Sub Industries

G01J3/02Details G01J3/0202Mechanical elements; Supports for optical elements G01J3/0205Optical elements not provided otherwise G01J3/0208using focussing or collimating elements G01J3/021using plane or convex mirrors, parallel phase plates, or particular reflectors G01J3/0213using attenuators G01J3/0216using light concentrators or collectors or condensers G01J3/0218using optical fibers G01J3/0221the fibers defining an entry slit G01J3/0224using polarising or depolarising elements G01J3/0227using notch filters G01J3/0229using masks, aperture plates, spatial light modulators or spatial filters G01J3/0232using shutters G01J3/0235using means for replacing an element by another, for replacing a filter or a grating G01J3/0237Adjustable G01J3/024using means for illuminating a slit efficiently ( G01J3/0243having a through-hole enabling the optical element to fulfil an additional optical function G01J3/0245using an optical amplifier of light G01J3/0248using a sighting port G01J3/0251Colorimeters making use of an integrating sphere G01J3/0254Spectrometers, other than colorimeters, making use of an integrating sphere G01J3/0256Compact construction G01J3/0259Monolithic G01J3/0262Constructional arrangements for removing stray light G01J3/0264Electrical interface; User interface G01J3/0267Sample holders for colorimetry G01J3/027Control of working procedures of a spectrometer; Failure detection; Bandwidth calculation G01J3/0272Handheld G01J3/0275making use of sensor-related data G01J3/0278Control or determination of height or angle information for sensors or receivers G01J3/0283using a charging unit G01J3/0286Constructional arrangements for compensating for fluctuations caused by temperature, humidity or pressure, or using cooling or temperature stabilization of parts of the device; Controlling the atmosphere inside a spectrometer G01J3/0289Field-of-view determination; Aiming or pointing of a spectrometer; Adjusting alignment; Encoding angular position; Size of measurement area; Position tracking G01J3/0291Housings; Spectrometer accessories; Spatial arrangement of elements G01J3/0294Multi-channel spectroscopy G01J3/0297Constructional arrangements for removing other types of optical noise or for performing calibration G01J3/04Slit arrangements slit adjustment G01J3/06Scanning arrangements arrangements for order-selection G01J3/08Beam switching arrangements G01J3/10Arrangements of light sources specially adapted for spectrometry or colorimetry G01J3/108for measurement in the infra-red range G01J3/12Generating the spectrum Monochromators G01J3/1256using acousto-optic tunable filter G01J3/14using refracting elements G01J3/16with autocollimation G01J3/18using diffraction elements G01J3/1804Plane gratings G01J3/1809Echelle gratings G01J3/1833Grazing incidence G01J3/1838Holographic gratings G01J3/189using at least one grating in an off-plane configuration G01J3/1895using fiber Bragg gratings or gratings integrated in a waveguide G01J3/20Rowland circle spectrometers G01J3/22Littrow mirror spectrometers G01J3/24using gratings profiled to favour a specific order G01J3/26using multiple reflection G01J3/28Investigating the spectrum G01J3/2803using photoelectric array detector G01J3/2823Imaging spectrometer G01J3/2846using modulation grid; Grid spectrometers G01J3/2889Rapid scan spectrometers; Time resolved spectrometry G01J3/30Measuring the intensity of spectral line directly on the spectrum itself G01J3/32Investigating bands of a spectrum in sequence by a single detector G01J3/36Investigating two or more bands of a spectrum by separate detectors G01J3/40Measuring the intensity of spectral lines by determining density of a photograph of the spectrum Spectrography G01J3/42Absorption spectrometry Double beam spectrometry Flicker spectrometry Reflection spectrometry G01J3/427Dual wavelengths spectrometry G01J3/433Modulation spectrometry Derivative spectrometry G01J3/4338Frequency modulated spectrometry G01J3/44Raman spectrometry Scattering spectrometry; Fluorescence spectrometry G01J3/4406Fluorescence spectrometry G01J3/4412Scattering spectrometry G01J3/443Emission spectrometry G01J3/447Polarisation spectrometry G01J3/45Interferometric spectrometry G01J3/453by correlation of the amplitudes G01J3/4531Devices without moving parts G01J3/4532Devices of compact or symmetric construction G01J3/4535Devices with moving mirror G01J3/4537Devices with refractive scan G01J3/457Correlation spectrometry G01J3/46Measurement of colour Colour measuring devices G01J3/461with colour spinners G01J3/462Computing operations in or between colour spaces; Colour management systems G01J3/463Colour matching G01J3/465taking into account the colour perception of the eye; using tristimulus detection G01J3/50using electric radiation detectors G01J3/501Colorimeters using spectrally-selective light sources G01J3/502using a dispersive element G01J3/504Goniometric colour measurements, for example measurements of metallic or flake based paints G01J3/505measuring the colour produced by lighting fixtures other than screens, monitors, displays or CRTs G01J3/506measuring the colour produced by screens, monitors, displays or CRTs G01J3/508measuring the colour of teeth G01J3/51using colour filters G01J3/513having fixed filter-detector pairs G01J3/52using colour charts G01J3/522circular colour charts G01J3/524Calibration of colorimeters G01J3/526for choosing a combination of different colours G01J3/528using colour harmony theory