Solid state devices adapted for rectifying, amplifying, oscillating or switching without a potential-jump barrier or surface barrier


  • CPC
  • H01L45/00
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Sub Industries

H01L45/005Charge density wave transport devices H01L45/02Solid state travelling-wave devices H01L45/04Bistable or multistable switching devices H01L45/06based on solid-state phase change H01L45/065between different crystalline phases H01L45/08based on migration or redistribution of ionic species H01L45/085the species being metal cations H01L45/10based on bulk electronic defects H01L45/12Details H01L45/1206Three or more terminal devices H01L45/1213Radiation or particle beam assisted switching devices H01L45/122Device geometry H01L45/1226adapted for essentially horizontal current flow H01L45/1233adapted for essentially vertical current flow H01L45/124on sidewalls of dielectric structures H01L45/1246Further means within the switching material region to limit current flow H01L45/1253Electrodes H01L45/126adapted for resistive heating H01L45/1266adapted for supplying ionic species H01L45/1273adapted for electric field or current focusing H01L45/128Thermal details H01L45/1286Heating or cooling means other than resistive heating electrodes H01L45/1293Thermal insulation means H01L45/14Selection of switching materials H01L45/141Compounds of sulfur, selenium or tellurium H01L45/142Sulfides H01L45/143Selenides H01L45/144Tellurides H01L45/145Oxides or nitrides H01L45/146Binary metal oxides H01L45/147Complex metal oxides H01L45/148Other compounds of groups 13-15 H01L45/149Carbon or carbides H01L45/16Manufacturing H01L45/1608Formation of the switching material H01L45/1616by chemical vapor deposition H01L45/1625by physical vapor deposition H01L45/1633by conversion of electrode material H01L45/1641Modification of the switching material H01L45/165by implantation H01L45/1658by diffusion H01L45/1666Patterning of the switching material H01L45/1675by etching of pre-deposited switching material layers H01L45/1683by filling of openings H01L45/1691Patterning process specially adapted for achieving sub-lithographic dimensions