Metal working


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  • Y10T29/00
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Sub Industries

Y10T29/10Battery-grid making Y10T29/11Bias [ Y10T29/1106including orbital cutter Y10T29/1113within stock support Y10T29/1119with orbiting strip accumulator Y10T29/1125including means to inflate stock Y10T29/1131with means to feed stock along support or mandrel Y10T29/1138Single means produces compound motion Y10T29/1144Endless belt drive means Y10T29/115Axially Y10T29/1156Rotatably Y10T29/1163with means to rotate and store stock supply Y10T29/1169Axis of rotation parallel to support or mandrel Y10T29/1175with means for arcuate shift of mandrel Y10T29/1181including means to handle produced strip or web Y10T29/1188with common adjustment for cutter Y10T29/1194Method Y10T29/12Buckle making Y10T29/13Button-fastener making Y10T29/14Shredding metal or metal wool article making Y10T29/142Metal wool making Y10T29/143Shaving or longitudinal cutting Y10T29/145Soap-pad making Y10T29/147Metal wool bundling Y10T29/148Soap-pad making Y10T29/15Cord heddle making Y10T29/16Cotter-pin making Y10T29/17Crankshaft making apparatus Y10T29/18Expanded metal making Y10T29/185by use of reciprocating perforator Y10T29/19Eyebolt or hook making Y10T29/20Fence barb making Y10T29/203by use of reciprocating cutter or die Y10T29/207by use of rotary cutter or die Y10T29/21Finger-ring forming or sizing Y10T29/22Fishhook making Y10T29/23Gem and jewel setting Y10T29/24Hinge making or assembling Y10T29/25Lacing-stud making Y10T29/26Paper-fastener making Y10T29/27Plow or cultivator iron making Y10T29/28Puddlers balls making Y10T29/29Railway-chair making Y10T29/30Foil or other thin sheet-metal making or treating Y10T29/301Method Y10T29/302Clad or other composite foil or thin metal making Y10T29/303with assembling or disassembling of a pack Y10T29/304Using transitory solid cover material Y10T29/305including bond prevention treatment Y10T29/306Disassembling of a pack Y10T29/307by shaving or longitudinal cutting Y10T29/308Using transitory material Y10T29/309Means for opening or separating a pack Y10T29/31Spectacle-frame making Y10T29/32Spiral cutting of flat stock Y10T29/33Stereotype-plate finishing Y10T29/34Means for forming clench-tongue [eg, for tieband] Y10T29/35Tire upsetting, with cutting, punching, etc. Y10T29/36toothed-cylinder making apparatus [ Y10T29/37Impeller making apparatus Y10T29/38Type finishing and grooving Y10T29/39Venetian blind assembling Y10T29/40Umbrella-frame making Y10T29/41Barrier layer or semiconductor device making Y10T29/413Barrier layer device making Y10T29/417Electrolytic device making [e.g., capacitor] Y10T29/42Piezoelectric device making Y10T29/43Electric condenser making Y10T29/435Solid dielectric type Y10T29/44Filing Y10T29/442of key article Y10T29/444Continuous band type Y10T29/446Reciprocating type Y10T29/448File-blank stripper Y10T29/45Scale remover or preventor Y10T29/4506for hollow workpiece Y10T29/4511Interior surface Y10T29/4517Rolling deformation or deflection Y10T29/4522for wire or rod Y10T29/4528with rotary head Y10T29/4533Fluid impingement Y10T29/4539with heater Y10T29/4544Liquid jet Y10T29/455Airblast Y10T29/4556Chainer Y10T29/4561Scraper or scalper Y10T29/4567Brush type Y10T29/4572Mechanically powered operator Y10T29/4578Tack or needle type Y10T29/4583Hammer Y10T29/4589Blade or chisel Y10T29/4594Hand tool Y10T29/46Burning in, wearing in, or oil burnishing Y10T29/47Burnishing Y10T29/471of water laid fibrous article [e.g., paper] Y10T29/473Heated burnishing member Y10T29/474Burnishing tool reciprocates across work surface Y10T29/476Continuous feed Y10T29/477of gear article Y10T29/479by shot peening or blasting Y10T29/48Upholstered article making Y10T29/481Method Y10T29/482Tufting Y10T29/483with means to clench fastener Y10T29/484with means to insert guide pin or fastener Y10T29/486Cover stretching Y10T29/487Edge-roll forming Y10T29/488form or holder Y10T29/489with follower Y10T29/49Method of mechanical manufacture Y10T29/49002Electrical device making Y10T29/49004including measuring or testing of device or component part Y10T29/49005Acoustic transducer Y10T29/49007Indicating transducer Y10T29/49009Dynamoelectric machine Y10T29/49011Commutator or slip ring assembly Y10T29/49012Rotor Y10T29/49014Superconductor Y10T29/49016Antenna or wave energy "plumbing" making Y10T29/49018with other electrical component Y10T29/4902Electromagnet, transformer or inductor Y10T29/49021Magnetic recording reproducing transducer [e.g., tape head, core, etc.] Y10T29/49023including dissassembly step Y10T29/49025Making disc drive Y10T29/49027Mounting preformed head/core onto other structure Y10T29/49028Mounting multitrack head Y10T29/4903with bonding Y10T29/49032Fabricating head structure or component thereof Y10T29/49034Treating to affect magnetic properties Y10T29/49036including measuring or testing Y10T29/49037Using reference point/surface to facilitate measuring Y10T29/49039with dual gap materials Y10T29/49041with significant slider/housing shaping or treating Y10T29/49043Depositing magnetic layer or coating Y10T29/49044Plural magnetic deposition layers Y10T29/49046with etching or machining of magnetic material Y10T29/49048Machining magnetic material [e.g., grinding, etching, polishing] Y10T29/4905Employing workholding means Y10T29/49052by etching Y10T29/49053Multitrack heads having integral holding means Y10T29/49055with bond/laminating preformed parts, at least two magnetic Y10T29/49057Using glass bonding material Y10T29/49059with work positioning means Y10T29/4906Providing winding Y10T29/49062Multilayered winding Y10T29/49064by coating Y10T29/49066Preformed winding Y10T29/49067Specified diverse magnetic materials Y10T29/49069Data storage inductor or core Y10T29/49071by winding or coiling Y10T29/49073by assembling coil and core Y10T29/49075including permanent magnet or core Y10T29/49076From comminuted material Y10T29/49078Laminated Y10T29/4908Acoustic transducer Y10T29/49082Resistor making Y10T29/49083Heater type Y10T29/49085Thermally variable Y10T29/49087with envelope or housing Y10T29/49089Filling with powdered insulation Y10T29/49091with direct compression of powdered insulation Y10T29/49092Powdering the insulation Y10T29/49094by oxidation Y10T29/49096with winding Y10T29/49098Applying terminal Y10T29/49099Coating resistive material on a base Y10T29/49101Applying terminal Y10T29/49103Strain gauge making Y10T29/49105Switch making Y10T29/49107Fuse making Y10T29/49108Electric battery cell making Y10T29/4911including sealing Y10T29/49112including laminating of indefinite length material Y10T29/49114including adhesively bonding Y10T29/49115including coating or impregnating Y10T29/49117Conductor or circuit manufacturing Y10T29/49119Brush Y10T29/49121Beam lead frame or beam lead device Y10T29/49123Co-axial cable Y10T29/49124On flat or curved insulated base, e.g., printed circuit, etc. Y10T29/49126Assembling bases Y10T29/49128Assembling formed circuit to base Y10T29/4913Assembling to base an electrical component, e.g., capacitor, etc. Y10T29/49131by utilizing optical sighting device Y10T29/49133with component orienting Y10T29/49135and shaping, e.g., cutting or bending, etc. Y10T29/49137Different components Y10T29/49139by inserting component lead or terminal into base aperture Y10T29/4914with deforming of lead or terminal Y10T29/49142including metal fusion Y10T29/49144by metal fusion Y10T29/49146with encapsulating, e.g., potting, etc. Y10T29/49147Assembling terminal to base Y10T29/49149by metal fusion bonding Y10T29/49151by deforming or shaping Y10T29/49153with shaping or forcing terminal into base aperture Y10T29/49155Manufacturing circuit on or in base Y10T29/49156with selective destruction of conductive paths Y10T29/49158with molding of insulated base Y10T29/4916Simultaneous circuit manufacturing Y10T29/49162by using wire as conductive path Y10T29/49163with sintering of base Y10T29/49165by forming conductive walled aperture in base Y10T29/49167with deforming of conductive path Y10T29/49169Assembling electrical component directly to terminal or elongated conductor Y10T29/49171with encapsulating Y10T29/49172by molding of insulating material Y10T29/49174Assembling terminal to elongated conductor Y10T29/49176with molding of electrically insulating material Y10T29/49178by shrinking of cover Y10T29/49179by metal fusion bonding Y10T29/49181by deforming Y10T29/49183of ferrule about conductor and terminal Y10T29/49185of terminal Y10T29/49187with forming eyelet from elongated conductor Y10T29/49188with penetrating portion Y10T29/4919Through insulation Y10T29/49192with insulation removal Y10T29/49194Assembling elongated conductors, e.g., splicing, etc. Y10T29/49195with end-to-end orienting Y10T29/49197including fluid evacuating or pressurizing Y10T29/49199including deforming of joining bridge Y10T29/49201with overlapping orienting Y10T29/49202including oppositely facing end orienting Y10T29/49204Contact or terminal manufacturing Y10T29/49206by powder metallurgy Y10T29/49208by assembling plural parts Y10T29/4921with bonding Y10T29/49211of fused material Y10T29/49213Metal Y10T29/49215by impregnating a porous mass Y10T29/49217by elastic joining Y10T29/49218with deforming Y10T29/4922with molding of insulation Y10T29/49222forming array of contacts or terminals Y10T29/49224with coating Y10T29/49226Electret making Y10T29/49227Insulator making Y10T29/49229Prime mover or fluid pump making Y10T29/49231I.C. [internal combustion] engine making Y10T29/49233Repairing, converting, servicing or salvaging Y10T29/49234Rotary or radial engine making Y10T29/49236Fluid pump or compressor making Y10T29/49238Repairing, converting, servicing or salvaging Y10T29/4924Scroll or peristaltic type Y10T29/49242Screw or gear type, e.g., Moineau type Y10T29/49243Centrifugal type Y10T29/49245Vane type or other rotary, e.g., fan Y10T29/49247Valve lifter making Y10T29/49249Piston making Y10T29/4925Repairing, converting, servicing or salvaging Y10T29/49252Multi-element piston making Y10T29/49254Utilizing a high energy beam, e.g., laser, electron beam Y10T29/49256with assembly or composite article making Y10T29/49258with thermal barrier or heat flow provision Y10T29/49259with fiber reinforced structure Y10T29/49261by composite casting or molding Y10T29/49263by coating or cladding Y10T29/49265Ring groove forming or finishing Y10T29/49266Gudgeon pin, wrist pin, piston pin, or boss therefor Y10T29/49268with other attaching provision for connecting rod Y10T29/4927Cylinder, cylinder head or engine valve sleeve making Y10T29/49272with liner, coating, or sleeve Y10T29/49274Piston ring or piston packing making Y10T29/49275including forging or hammering Y10T29/49277including casting or molding Y10T29/49279including rolling or die forming, e.g., drawing, punching Y10T29/49281including coating or plating Y10T29/49282including grinding or honing Y10T29/49284including machining or angular cutting Y10T29/49286Crankshaft making Y10T29/49288Connecting rod making Y10T29/4929including metallurgical bonding Y10T29/49291including metal forging or die shaping Y10T29/49293Camshaft making Y10T29/49295Push rod or rocker arm making Y10T29/49297Seal or packing making Y10T29/49298Poppet or I.C. engine valve or valve seat making Y10T29/493Valve guide making Y10T29/49302Repairing, converting, servicing or salvaging Y10T29/49304Valve tappet making Y10T29/49306Valve seat making Y10T29/49307Composite or hollow valve stem or head making Y10T29/49309including forging Y10T29/49311including extruding Y10T29/49313including casting Y10T29/49314with assembly or composite article making Y10T29/49316Impeller making Y10T29/49318Repairing or disassembling Y10T29/4932Turbomachine making Y10T29/49321Assembling individual fluid flow interacting members, e.g., blades, vanes, buckets, on rotary support member Y10T29/49323Assembling fluid flow directing devices, e.g., stators, diaphragms, nozzles Y10T29/49325Shaping integrally bladed rotor Y10T29/49327Axial blower or fan Y10T29/49329Centrifugal blower or fan Y10T29/4933Fluid coupling device Y10T29/49332Propeller making Y10T29/49334Utilizing hollow tube blank Y10T29/49336Blade making Y10T29/49337Composite blade Y10T29/49339Hollow blade Y10T29/49341with cooling passage Y10T29/49343Passage contains tubular insert Y10T29/49345Catalytic device making Y10T29/49346Rocket or jet device making Y10T29/49348Burner, torch or metallurgical lance making Y10T29/4935Heat exchanger or boiler making Y10T29/49352Repairing, converting, servicing or salvaging Y10T29/49353Heat pipe device making Y10T29/49355Solar energy device making Y10T29/49357Regenerator or recuperator making Y10T29/49359Cooling apparatus making, e.g., air conditioner, refrigerator Y10T29/49361Tube inside tube Y10T29/49362Tube wound about tube Y10T29/49364Tube joined to flat sheet longitudinally, i.e., tube sheet Y10T29/49366Sheet joined to sheet Y10T29/49368with inserted tubes Y10T29/49369Utilizing bond inhibiting material Y10T29/49371with subsequent fluid expansion Y10T29/49373Tube joint and tube plate structure Y10T29/49375including conduit expansion or inflation Y10T29/49377Tube with heat transfer means Y10T29/49378Finned tube Y10T29/4938Common fin traverses plurality of tubes Y10T29/49382Helically finned Y10T29/49384Internally finned Y10T29/49385Made from unitary workpiece, i.e., no assembly Y10T29/49387Boiler making Y10T29/49389Header or manifold making Y10T29/49391Tube making or reforming Y10T29/49393with metallurgical bonding Y10T29/49394Accumulator making Y10T29/49396Condenser, evaporator or vaporizer making Y10T29/49398Muffler, manifold or exhaust pipe making Y10T29/494Fluidic or fluid actuated device making Y10T29/49401Fluid pattern dispersing device making, e.g., ink jet Y10T29/49403Tapping device making Y10T29/49405Valve or choke making Y10T29/49407Repairing, converting, servicing or salvaging Y10T29/49409Valve seat forming Y10T29/4941Valve stem or tire valve making Y10T29/49412with assembly, disassembly or composite article making Y10T29/49414Joining plural semi-circular components Y10T29/49416with material shaping or cutting Y10T29/49417including molding or casting Y10T29/49419including machining or drilling Y10T29/49421including metallurgical bonding Y10T29/49423including metal deforming Y10T29/49425including metallurgical bonding Y10T29/49426including metal shaping and diverse operation Y10T29/49428Gas and water specific plumbing component making Y10T29/4943Plumbing fixture making Y10T29/49432Nozzle making Y10T29/49433Sprayer Y10T29/49435Flexible conduit or fitting therefor Y10T29/49437Flue connector device making Y10T29/49439Trap making Y10T29/4944Return connector device making Y10T29/49442T-shaped fitting making Y10T29/49444Elbow or L-shaped fitting making Y10T29/49446Ferrule making or reforming Y10T29/49448Agricultural device making Y10T29/49449Traction apparatus, e.g., for tractor Y10T29/49451Harvester guard Y10T29/49453Pulley making Y10T29/49455Assembly Y10T29/49456with shaping Y10T29/49458Disc splitting to form pulley rim groove Y10T29/4946Groove forming in sheet metal pulley rim Y10T29/49462Gear making Y10T29/49464Assembling of gear into force transmitting device Y10T29/49465Gear mounting Y10T29/49467Gear shaping Y10T29/49469Worm gear Y10T29/49471Roll forming Y10T29/49472Punching or stamping Y10T29/49474Die-press shaping Y10T29/49476Gear tooth cutting Y10T29/49478Gear blank making Y10T29/4948with specific gear material Y10T29/49481Wheel making Y10T29/49483Railway or trolley wheel making Y10T29/49485Multiple part or composite Y10T29/49487with axle or hub Y10T29/49488Steering wheel Y10T29/4949Material winding, e.g., reel, spool Y10T29/49492Land wheel Y10T29/49494Assembling tire to wheel body Y10T29/49496Disc type wheel Y10T29/49497Assembling wheel disc to rim and hub Y10T29/49499Assembling wheel disc to rim Y10T29/49501with disc shaping Y10T29/49503Integral rim and disc making Y10T29/49504Disc shaping Y10T29/49506Tensioned spoke type wheel making Y10T29/49508Tensioning all spokes simultaneously Y10T29/4951Tensioning spokes in series Y10T29/49512Tensioning spokes individually Y10T29/49513Compression, e.g., nontension, spoke type wheel making Y10T29/49515Joining spokes to rim and hub Y10T29/49517Joining spokes to rim Y10T29/49519Joining spokes to hub Y10T29/4952Making plural spokes from a single blank Y10T29/49522Individual spoke making Y10T29/49524Rim making Y10T29/49526with assembling Y10T29/49528Demountable rim making Y10T29/49529Die-press shaping Y10T29/49531Roller forming Y10T29/49533Hub making Y10T29/49535with assembling Y10T29/49536Hub shaping Y10T29/49538Tire making Y10T29/4954Wheel trim making, e.g., wheel cover, hubcap Y10T29/49542with means for retaining trim member on wheel Y10T29/49544Roller making Y10T29/49545Repairing or servicing Y10T29/49547Assembling preformed components Y10T29/49549Work contacting surface element assembled to core Y10T29/49551Work contacting surface wound about core Y10T29/49552with prestressing of component by heat differential, e.g., shrink, fit Y10T29/49554Work contacting surface having annular axial sections Y10T29/49556Work contacting surface element assembled to end support members Y10T29/49558Includes securing removable cover on roller Y10T29/4956Fabricating and shaping roller work contacting surface element Y10T29/49561toothed roller Y10T29/49563with coating or casting about a core Y10T29/49565One-piece roller making Y10T29/49567Dental appliance making Y10T29/49568Orthodontic device making Y10T29/4957Sound device making Y10T29/49572Hearing aid component making Y10T29/49574Musical instrument or tuning fork making Y10T29/49575including diaphragm or support therefor Y10T29/49577Phonograph component making Y10T29/49579Watch or clock making Y10T29/49581having arbor, pinion, or balance Y10T29/49583having indicia, face, or dial Y10T29/49584having case, cover, or back Y10T29/49586having crown, stem, or pendent Y10T29/49588Jewelry or locket making Y10T29/4959Human adornment device making Y10T29/49591Bracelet making Y10T29/49593Finger ring making Y10T29/49595Latch, clasp, or fastener component making Y10T29/49597Ornamental stock making Y10T29/49599Knob or knob shank making Y10T29/496Multiperforated metal article making Y10T29/49602Coil wound wall screen Y10T29/49604Filter Y10T29/49606Turnbuckle making Y10T29/49607Spring-head clip making Y10T29/49609Spring making Y10T29/49611for vehicle or clutch Y10T29/49613for human comfort Y10T29/49615Resilient shock or vibration absorber utility Y10T29/49616Structural member making Y10T29/49618Restoring existing member, e.g., reinforcing, repairing Y10T29/4962Grille making Y10T29/49622Vehicular structural member making Y10T29/49623Static structure, e.g., a building component Y10T29/49625Openwork, e.g., a truss, joist, frame, lattice-type or box beam Y10T29/49627Frame component Y10T29/49629Panel Y10T29/49631Columnar member Y10T29/49632Metal reinforcement member for nonmetallic, e.g., concrete, structural element Y10T29/49634Beam or girder Y10T29/49636Process for making bearing or component thereof Y10T29/49638Repairing Y10T29/49639Fluid bearing Y10T29/49641Linear bearing Y10T29/49643Rotary bearing Y10T29/49645Thrust bearing Y10T29/49647Plain bearing Y10T29/49648Self-adjusting or self-aligning, including ball and socket type, bearing and component making Y10T29/4965Deforming socket to secure ball Y10T29/49652Die-press shaping Y10T29/49654having liner Y10T29/49655having liner Y10T29/49657Socket making Y10T29/49659by molding or casting Y10T29/49661Nonmetallic socket Y10T29/49663by assembling Y10T29/49664Ball making Y10T29/49666with metallurgical bonding Y10T29/49668Sleeve or bushing making Y10T29/4967Nonmetallic Y10T29/49671Strip or blank material shaping Y10T29/49673Die-press shaping Y10T29/49675having inner lining layer Y10T29/49677having liner Y10T29/49679Anti-friction bearing or component thereof Y10T29/4968Assembling of race, cage, and rolling anti-friction members Y10T29/49682Assembling of race and rolling anti-friction members Y10T29/49684with race making Y10T29/49686Assembling of cage and rolling anti-friction members Y10T29/49687with cage making Y10T29/49689Race making Y10T29/49691Cage making Y10T29/49693Roller making Y10T29/49694Ball making Y10T29/49696Mounting Y10T29/49698Demounting Y10T29/497Pre-usage process, e.g., preloading, aligning Y10T29/49702Lubricating Y10T29/49703Sealing Y10T29/49705Coating or casting Y10T29/49707Bearing surface treatment Y10T29/49709Specific metallic composition Y10T29/4971Nonmetallic bearing element Y10T29/49712Ball making Y10T29/49714Hollow ball Y10T29/49716Converting Y10T29/49718Repairing Y10T29/49719Seal or element thereof Y10T29/49721with disassembling Y10T29/49723including reconditioning of part Y10T29/49725by shaping Y10T29/49726Removing material Y10T29/49728and by a metallurgical operation, e.g., welding, diffusion bonding, casting Y10T29/4973Replacing of defective part Y10T29/49732by attaching repair preform, e.g., remaking, restoring, or patching Y10T29/49734and removing damaged material Y10T29/49735Mechanically attaching preform with separate fastener Y10T29/49737Metallurgically attaching preform Y10T29/49739Mechanically attaching preform by separate fastener Y10T29/49741Screw threaded fastener Y10T29/49742Metallurgically attaching preform Y10T29/49744Screw threaded preform Y10T29/49746by applying fluent material, e.g., coating, casting Y10T29/49748by shaping, e.g., bending, extruding, turning, etc. Y10T29/4975including heating Y10T29/49751Scrap recovering or utilizing Y10T29/49753Metalworking to consolidate scrap Y10T29/49755Separating one material from another Y10T29/49757by burning or heating Y10T29/49758During simulated operation or operating conditions Y10T29/4976Temperature Y10T29/49762Center locating and shaping Y10T29/49764with testing or indicating Y10T29/49766torquing threaded assemblage or determining torque herein Y10T29/49767Determining relative number of threaded member rotations Y10T29/49769Using optical instrument [excludes mere human eyeballing] Y10T29/49771Quantitative measuring or gauging Y10T29/49773by radioactive tracing Y10T29/49774by vibratory or oscillatory movement Y10T29/49776Pressure, force, or weight determining Y10T29/49778with aligning, guiding, or instruction Y10T29/4978Assisting assembly or disassembly Y10T29/49782of a slide fastener Y10T29/49783of slider Y10T29/49785of interlocking element Y10T29/49787Obtaining plural composite product pieces from preassembled workpieces Y10T29/49789Obtaining plural product pieces from unitary workpiece Y10T29/4979Breaking through weakened portion Y10T29/49792Dividing through modified portion Y10T29/49794Dividing on common outline Y10T29/49796Coacting pieces Y10T29/49798Dividing sequentially from leading end, e.g., by cutting or breaking Y10T29/49799Providing transitory integral holding or handling portion Y10T29/49801Shaping fiber or fibered material Y10T29/49803Magnetically shaping Y10T29/49805Shaping by direct application of fluent pressure Y10T29/49806Explosively shaping Y10T29/49808Shaping container end to encapsulate material Y10T29/4981Utilizing transitory attached element or associated separate material Y10T29/49812Temporary protective coating, impregnation, or cast layer Y10T29/49813Shaping mating parts for reassembly in different positions Y10T29/49815Disassembling Y10T29/49817with other than ancillary treating or assembling Y10T29/49819with conveying of work or disassembled work part Y10T29/49821by altering or destroying work part or connector Y10T29/49822by applying force Y10T29/49824to elastically deform work part or connector Y10T29/49826Assembling or joining Y10T29/49828Progressively advancing of work assembly station or assembled portion of work Y10T29/49829Advancing work to successive stations [i.e., assembly line] Y10T29/49831Advancing station Y10T29/49833Punching, piercing or reaming part by surface of second part Y10T29/49835with shaping Y10T29/49837of first part Y10T29/49838by stringing Y10T29/4984Retaining clearance for motion between assembled parts Y10T29/49842Between tube-forming helical coils Y10T29/49844Through resilient media Y10T29/49845by deforming interlock Y10T29/49847by folding part into plural ears Y10T29/49849by wrapping around Y10T29/49851of link closure Y10T29/49853of sphere, i.e., ball, in socket Y10T29/49854Ball point pen making Y10T29/49856Allowing assembled sphere to move in single plane only Y10T29/49858of flange into tubular socket Y10T29/4986Outwardly deforming internally fitted rod Y10T29/49861Sizing mating parts during final positional association Y10T29/49863with prestressing of part Y10T29/49865by temperature differential [e.g., shrink fit] Y10T29/49867of skin on frame member Y10T29/49869by flexing Y10T29/4987Elastic joining of parts Y10T29/49872Confining elastic part in socket Y10T29/49874Prestressing rod, filament or strand Y10T29/49876by snap fit Y10T29/49877of flexible wall, expansible chamber devices [e.g., bellows] Y10T29/49879Spaced wall tube or receptacle Y10T29/49881of separate helix [e.g., screw thread] Y10T29/49883Ribbing Y10T29/49885with coating before or during assembling Y10T29/49886to roughen surface Y10T29/49888Subsequently coating Y10T29/4989with spreading of cable strands Y10T29/49892Joining plate edge perpendicularly to frame Y10T29/49893Peripheral joining of opposed mirror image parts to form a hollow body Y10T29/49895Associating parts by use of aligning means [e.g., use of a drift pin or a "fixture"] Y10T29/49897Registering mating opposed tool parts [e.g., registering a punch and a cooperating die] Y10T29/49899by multiple cooperating aligning means Y10T29/49901Sequentially associating parts on stationary aligning means Y10T29/49902by manipulating aligning means Y10T29/49904Assembling a subassembly, then assembling with a second subassembly Y10T29/49906Metal deforming with nonmetallic bonding Y10T29/49908Joining by deforming Y10T29/49909Securing cup or tube between axially extending concentric annuli Y10T29/49911by expanding inner annulus Y10T29/49913by constricting outer annulus Y10T29/49915Overedge assembling of seated part Y10T29/49917by necking in cup or tube wall Y10T29/49918At cup or tube end Y10T29/4992by flaring inserted cup or tube end Y10T29/49922by bending over projecting prongs Y10T29/49924of parallel side-by-side elongated members Y10T29/49925Inward deformation of aperture or hollow body wall Y10T29/49927Hollow body is axially joined cup or tube Y10T29/49929Joined to rod Y10T29/49931Joined to overlapping ends of plural rods Y10T29/49933After thinning Y10T29/49934by axially applying force Y10T29/49936Surface interlocking Y10T29/49938Radially expanding part in cavity, aperture, or hollow body Y10T29/4994Radially expanding internal tube Y10T29/49941Peripheral edge joining of abutting plates Y10T29/49943Riveting Y10T29/49945by driven force fit Y10T29/49947by applying separate fastener Y10T29/49948Multipart cooperating fastener [e.g., bolt and nut] Y10T29/4995Nonthreaded Y10T29/49952At least one part is nonmetallic Y10T29/49954Fastener deformed after application Y10T29/49956Riveting Y10T29/49957At least one part nonmetallic Y10T29/49959Nonresilient fastener Y10T29/49961At least one part nonmetallic Y10T29/49963Threaded fastener Y10T29/49964At least one part nonmetallic Y10T29/49966with supplemental joining Y10T29/49968Metal fusion joining Y10T29/4997At least one part nonmetallic Y10T29/49972with separating, localizing, or eliminating of as-cast defects from a metal casting [e.g., anti-pipe] Y10T29/49973Compressing ingot while still partially molten Y10T29/49975Removing defects Y10T29/49977From center of ingot to leave hollow blank Y10T29/49979After deforming Y10T29/4998Combined manufacture including applying or shaping of fluent material Y10T29/49982Coating Y10T29/49984and casting Y10T29/49986Subsequent to metal working Y10T29/49988Metal casting Y10T29/49989Followed by cutting or removing material Y10T29/49991Combined with rolling Y10T29/49993Filling of opening Y10T29/49995Shaping one-piece blank by removing material Y10T29/49996Successive distinct removal operations Y10T29/49998Work holding Y10T29/50Convertible metal working machine Y10T29/505Vise type Y10T29/51Plural diverse manufacturing apparatus including means for metal shaping or assembling Y10T29/5101Slide fastener or slide fastener element Y10T29/5102Binding or covering and cutting Y10T29/5103Cutting covering material only Y10T29/5104Type of machine Y10T29/5105Drill press Y10T29/5107Drilling and other Y10T29/5108Portable Y10T29/5109Lathe Y10T29/511Grinding attachment Y10T29/5111Pulley or wheel Y10T29/5112Convertible Y10T29/5113Commutator Y10T29/5114Lathe and tool Y10T29/5115Planer Y10T29/5116forging and bending, cutting or punching Y10T29/5117Fastener [zipper] Y10T29/5118Riveting Y10T29/512Ball making Y10T29/5121Wire working Y10T29/5122with means to feed work during tool contact Y10T29/5123including nonrotary flying tool Y10T29/5124with means to feed work intermittently from one tool station to another Y10T29/5125Stock turret Y10T29/5126Swiss type Y10T29/5127Blank turret Y10T29/5128Rotary work - vertical axis Y10T29/5129Rotary work - horizontal axis Y10T29/513Stationary work Y10T29/5132Belt drive Y10T29/5133Crankshaft Y10T29/5134Collapsible tube Y10T29/5135Endless belt Y10T29/5136Separate tool stations for selective or successive operation on work Y10T29/5137including assembling or disassembling station Y10T29/5138and means to machine work part to fit cooperating work part Y10T29/5139and means to sever work prior to disassembling Y10T29/514comprising means to strip insulation from wire Y10T29/5141and means to stake electric wire to commutator or armature in assembling of electric motor or generator Y10T29/5142and means to sever work from supply Y10T29/5143and means to machine product Y10T29/5145to sever product to length Y10T29/5146Common reciprocating support for spaced tools Y10T29/5147including composite tool Y10T29/5148including severing means Y10T29/5149to sever electric terminal from supply strip Y10T29/515to trim electric component Y10T29/5151Means comprising hand-manipulatable implement Y10T29/5152with turret mechanism Y10T29/5153Multiple turret Y10T29/5154tool turret Y10T29/5155Rotary tool holder Y10T29/5157Sliding tool holder Y10T29/5158Fluid operated Y10T29/5159Cam operated Y10T29/516Longitudinal turret axis Y10T29/5161Transverse turret axis Y10T29/5162Lever operated Y10T29/5163Rack-and-pinion operated Y10T29/5164Screw operated Y10T29/5165including rotating and/or locking means Y10T29/5166Frictional and positive Y10T29/5167Lock means for tool or work turrets Y10T29/5168Multiple-tool holder Y10T29/517Laterally movable stock holder Y10T29/5171Axial tool and transversely movable slide rest Y10T29/5172Rotary tool spindle Y10T29/5173Longitudinally and transversely movable Y10T29/5174Rotary tool spindle Y10T29/5175Oscillating tool Y10T29/5176including machining means Y10T29/5177and work-holder for assembly Y10T29/5178Attachment Y10T29/5179Speed controller Y10T29/518Carriage stop mechanism Y10T29/5182Flash remover Y10T29/5183Welding strip ends Y10T29/5184Casting and working Y10T29/5185Tube making Y10T29/5186Covering Y10T29/5187Wire working Y10T29/5188Radiator making Y10T29/5189Printing plate Y10T29/519Turret Y10T29/5191Assembly Y10T29/5192Armature Y10T29/5193Electrical connector or terminal Y10T29/5195Tire valve or spark plug Y10T29/5196Multiple station with conveyor Y10T29/5197Multiple stations working strip material Y10T29/5198Continuous strip Y10T29/5199Work on tubes Y10T29/52Plural diverse manufacturing apparatus Y10T29/53Means to assemble or disassemble Y10T29/53004with means to regulate operation by use of templet, tape, card or other replaceable information supply Y10T29/53009with comparator Y10T29/53013Computer input Y10T29/53017Web or strand-carried information supply Y10T29/53022with means to test work or product Y10T29/53026with randomly actuated stopping or disabling means Y10T29/5303Responsive to condition of work or product Y10T29/53035Responsive to operative [e.g., safety device, etc.] Y10T29/53039with control means energized in response to activator stimulated by condition sensor Y10T29/53043including means to divert defective work part Y10T29/53048Multiple station assembly or disassembly apparatus Y10T29/53052including position sensor Y10T29/53057Responsive to timer Y10T29/53061Responsive to work or work-related machine element Y10T29/53065with means to fasten by deformation Y10T29/5307Self-piercing work part Y10T29/53074with means to fasten by elastic joining Y10T29/53078with means to fasten by frictional fitting Y10T29/53083including means to apply magnetic force directly to position or hold work Y10T29/53087with signal, scale, illuminator, or optical viewer Y10T29/53091for work-holder for assembly or disassembly Y10T29/53096including means to provide a controlled environment Y10T29/531Nuclear device Y10T29/53104Roller or ball bearing Y10T29/53109including deforming means Y10T29/53113Heat exchanger Y10T29/53117including means to manipulate heat exchanger tube bundle Y10T29/53122including deforming means Y10T29/53126Means to place sheath on running-length core Y10T29/5313Means to assemble electrical device Y10T29/53135Storage cell or battery Y10T29/53139including deforming means Y10T29/53143Motor or generator Y10T29/53148Means to assemble commutator Y10T29/53152Means to position insulation Y10T29/53157Means to stake wire to commutator or armature Y10T29/53161including deforming means Y10T29/53165Magnetic memory device Y10T29/5317Laminated device Y10T29/53174Means to fasten electrical component to wiring board, base, or substrate Y10T29/53178Chip component Y10T29/53183Multilead component Y10T29/53187Multiple station assembly apparatus Y10T29/53191Means to apply vacuum directly to position or hold work part Y10T29/53196Means to apply magnetic force directly to position or hold work part Y10T29/532Conductor Y10T29/53204Electrode Y10T29/53209Terminal or connector Y10T29/53213Assembled to wire-type conductor Y10T29/53217Means to simultaneously assemble multiple, independent conductors to terminal Y10T29/53222Means comprising hand-manipulatable implement Y10T29/53226Fastening by deformation Y10T29/5323Fastening by elastic joining Y10T29/53235Means to fasten by deformation Y10T29/53239Means to fasten by elastic joining Y10T29/53243Multiple, independent conductors Y10T29/53248Switch or fuse Y10T29/53252Means to simultaneously fasten three or more parts Y10T29/53257Means comprising hand-manipulatable implement Y10T29/53261Means to align and advance work part Y10T29/53265with work-holder for assembly Y10T29/5327Means to fasten by deforming Y10T29/53274Means to disassemble electrical device Y10T29/53278Storage cell or battery Y10T29/53283Means comprising hand-manipulatable implement Y10T29/53287Means to place traveler on ring or ring on bobbin of a textile machine Y10T29/53291Slide fastener Y10T29/53296Means to assemble stop onto stringer Y10T29/533Means to assemble slider onto stringer Y10T29/53304Means to assemble teeth onto stringer Y10T29/53309Disassembly means Y10T29/53313Means to interrelatedly feed plural work parts from plural sources without manual intervention Y10T29/53317Box or pallet assembly means Y10T29/53322Means to assemble container Y10T29/53326Handle to container Y10T29/5333Label to container Y10T29/53335Pressurized dispensing container Y10T29/53339Hypodermic syringe Y10T29/53343including fluid component Y10T29/53348Running-length work Y10T29/53352Means including orbiting running-length work supply Y10T29/53357Pipe section Y10T29/53361Assembled to article Y10T29/53365Multiple station assembly apparatus Y10T29/5337including assembly pallet Y10T29/53374including turret-type conveyor Y10T29/53378including converging conveyors Y10T29/53383and means to fasten work parts together Y10T29/53387by deforming Y10T29/53391by elastic joining Y10T29/53396by friction fit Y10T29/534Multiple station assembly or disassembly apparatus Y10T29/53404including turret-type conveyor Y10T29/53409including converging conveyors Y10T29/53413and primary central conveyor Y10T29/53417Means to fasten work parts together Y10T29/53422by deforming Y10T29/53426by elastic joining Y10T29/5343Means to drive self-piercing work part Y10T29/53435including assembly pallet Y10T29/53439including provision to utilize thermal expansion of work Y10T29/53443Means to assemble or disassemble container and fluid component Y10T29/53448Vehicle wheel Y10T29/53452Railway wheel Y10T29/53457Tumbler lock Y10T29/53461toy doll Y10T29/53465Film or tape cartridge Y10T29/5347Crystal to watch or clock Y10T29/53474Means to insert or extract pen point Y10T29/53478with magazine supply Y10T29/53483and magnetic work-holder or positioner Y10T29/53487Assembling means comprising hand-manipulatable implement Y10T29/53491One work part comprising living tissue Y10T29/53496comprising driver for snap-off-mandrel fastener e.g., Pop [TM] riveter Y10T29/535One work part comprising nut or screw Y10T29/53504One work part comprising paper clip Y10T29/53509Means to assemble tire stud into tire tread Y10T29/53513Means to fasten by deforming Y10T29/53517Fastening sinker to fishing line Y10T29/53522Means to fasten by deforming Y10T29/53526Running-length work Y10T29/5353Assembled on core Y10T29/53535including means to vibrate work Y10T29/53539including work conveyor Y10T29/53543including transporting track Y10T29/53548and work carrying vehicle Y10T29/53552Valve applying or removing Y10T29/53557Engine valve unit puller or applier Y10T29/53561Engine valve spring compressor [only] Y10T29/53565Plural spring engagement Y10T29/5357Screw operated Y10T29/53574Parallel or tong type, side entrance Y10T29/53578Lever operated Y10T29/53583Single jaw or valve engagement Y10T29/53587Plier type Y10T29/53591to or from wheel rim of resilient tire or tube Y10T29/53596Removal tool Y10T29/536Piston ring inserter or remover Y10T29/53604Plier-type operation Y10T29/53609with ring encirclement Y10T29/53613Spring applier or remover Y10T29/53617Transmission spring Y10T29/53622Helical spring Y10T29/53626Flat spiral spring [e.g., watch or clock type] Y10T29/5363Circular spring Y10T29/53635Leaf spring Y10T29/53639Means to stake watch or clock Y10T29/53643Plier type Y10T29/53648Brake lining to brake shoe Y10T29/53652Tube and coextensive core Y10T29/53657to apply or remove a resilient article [e.g., tube, sleeve, etc.] Y10T29/53661Nipple to nursing bottle Y10T29/53665Well protector to sucker rod Y10T29/5367Coupling to conduit Y10T29/53674Loose-leaf sheet binder Y10T29/53678Compressing parts together face to face Y10T29/53683Spreading parts apart or separating them from face to face engagement Y10T29/53687by rotation of work part Y10T29/53691Means to insert or remove helix Y10T29/53696Means to string Y10T29/537tool handle and tool Y10T29/53704tool chuck and tool Y10T29/53709Overedge assembling means Y10T29/53713Belt-hook attacher Y10T29/53717Annular work Y10T29/53722with radially acting tool inside annular work Y10T29/53726with second workpiece inside annular work one workpiece moved to shape the other Y10T29/5373comprising driver for snap-off-mandrel fastener e.g., Pop [TM] riveter Y10T29/53735including near side fastener shaping tool Y10T29/53739Pneumatic- or fluid-actuated tool Y10T29/53743Liquid Y10T29/53748and gas Y10T29/53752having rotary drive mechanism Y10T29/53757having allochiral actuating handles Y10T29/53761having repositionable annulus engaging tool Y10T29/53765including near side fastener shaping tool Y10T29/5377Riveter Y10T29/53774Single header Y10T29/53778Pipe joiner Y10T29/53783Clip applier Y10T29/53787Binding or covering Y10T29/53791Edge binding Y10T29/53796Puller or pusher means, contained force multiplying operator Y10T29/538Hubcap and hub Y10T29/53804Battery post and terminal Y10T29/53809Cotter pin and cooperating member Y10T29/53813Plier type means Y10T29/53817Valve stem pin or key and another member Y10T29/53822Machine key and another member Y10T29/53826Arbor-type press means Y10T29/5383having fluid operator Y10T29/53835having wedge operator Y10T29/53839having percussion or explosive operator Y10T29/53843Tube, sleeve, or ferrule inserting or removing Y10T29/53848having screw operator Y10T29/53852C-frame Y10T29/53857Central screw, work-engagers around screw Y10T29/53861Work-engager arms along or parallel to screw Y10T29/53865with arm connecting engaging means Y10T29/5387Pivotal arms Y10T29/53874Pivotal grippers on screw Y10T29/53878Tubular or tube segment forms work-engager Y10T29/53883Screw threaded work-engager Y10T29/53887Movable grippers on screw Y10T29/53891Plate or bar forms work-engager Y10T29/53896having lever operator Y10T29/539Plier type means Y10T29/53904Means comprising piston ring group contractor or holder Y10T29/53909Means comprising hand manipulatable tool Y10T29/53913Aligner or center Y10T29/53917Tube with tube Y10T29/53922Auto wheel with auto chassis Y10T29/53926Clutch plates Y10T29/5393Means comprising impact receiving tool Y10T29/53935C-frame Y10T29/53939Thread protector [e.g., wheel axle type] Y10T29/53943Hand gripper for direct push or pull Y10T29/53948Centrifugal separator Y10T29/53952Tube sleeve or ferrule applying or removing Y10T29/53957Thread-tapping grip Y10T29/53961with work-holder for assembly Y10T29/53965for assembling a luminescent mantle Y10T29/5397and assembling press [e.g., truss assembling means, etc.] Y10T29/53974having means to permit support movement while work is thereon Y10T29/53978including means to relatively position plural work parts Y10T29/53983Work-supported apparatus Y10T29/53987Tube, sleeve or ferrule Y10T29/53991Work gripper, anvil, or element Y10T29/53996by deforming Y10T29/54Miscellaneous apparatus