Originals for photomechanical production of textured or patterned surfaces, e.g., masks, photo-masks, reticles Mask blanks or pellicles therefor Containers specially adapted therefor Preparation thereof


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  • G03F1/00
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Sub Industries

G03F1/0007using an elastic substrate or involving an optical distortion G03F1/0015by drawing, writing G03F1/0023the masking pattern being obtained by the application of an ink G03F1/003the masking pattern being obtained by thermal means G03F1/0038using chemical means G03F1/0046Phase shift masks G03F1/0053Hybrid phase shift masks G03F1/0061Alternating phase shift masks G03F1/0069Auxiliary patterns or specific arrangements of the phase-shifting elements to avoid phase-conflicts G03F1/0076Masks with semi-transparent phase shifters G03F1/0084Masks where at least part of the patterns comprise no opaque or semi-opaque pattern elements G03F1/0092Auxiliary processes relating to originals G03F1/02by photographic processes for production of originals simulating relief G03F1/04by montage processes G03F1/06from printing surfaces G03F1/08Originals having inorganic imaging layers G03F1/10by exposing and washing out pigmented or coloured organic layers; by colouring macromolecular patterns G03F1/103the masking pattern being obtained by modification of the polymeric pattern by energetic means G03F1/106the masking means G03F1/12by exposing silver-halide-containing photosensitive materials or diazo-type materials G03F1/14Originals characterised by structural details G03F1/142Pellicles, pellicle rings or continuous protective layers G03F1/144Auxiliary patterns; Corrected patterns G03F1/146Originals for X-Ray exposures, X-Ray masks G03F1/148X-Ray absorbers G03F1/16Originals having apertures G03F1/20Masks or mask blanks for imaging by charged particle beam [CPB] radiation G03F1/22Masks or mask blanks for imaging by radiation of 100nm or shorter wavelength G03F1/24Reflection masks Preparation thereof G03F1/26Phase shift masks [PSM] PSM blanks Preparation thereof G03F1/28with three or more diverse phases on the same PSM Preparation thereof G03F1/29Rim PSM or outrigger PSM Preparation thereof G03F1/30Alternating PSM G03F1/32Attenuating PSM [att-PSM] G03F1/34Phase-edge PSM G03F1/36Masks having proximity correction features Preparation thereof G03F1/38Masks having auxiliary features G03F1/40Electrostatic discharge [ESD] related features G03F1/42Alignment or registration features G03F1/44Testing or measuring features G03F1/46Antireflective coatings G03F1/48Protective coatings G03F1/50Mask blanks not covered by G03F1/20 - G03F1/34 Preparation thereof G03F1/52Reflectors G03F1/54Absorbers G03F1/56Organic absorbers G03F1/58having two or more different absorber layers G03F1/60Substrates G03F1/62Pellicles, e.g. pellicle assemblies G03F1/64characterised by the frames G03F1/66Containers specially adapted for masks, mask blanks or pellicles Preparation thereof G03F1/68Preparation processes not covered by groups G03F1/20 - G03F1/50 G03F1/70Adapting basic layout or design of masks to lithographic process requirement, e.g., second iteration correction of mask patterns for imaging G03F1/72Repair or correction of mask defects G03F1/74by charged particle beam [CPB] G03F1/76Patterning of masks by imaging G03F1/78by charged particle beam [CPB] G03F1/80Etching G03F1/82Auxiliary processes G03F1/84Inspecting G03F1/86by charged particle beam [CPB] G03F1/88prepared by photographic processes for production of originals simulating relief G03F1/90prepared by montage processes G03F1/92prepared from printing surfaces