Details of semiconductor or other solid state devices


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  • H01L23/00
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Sub Industries

H01L23/02Containers Seals H01L23/04characterised by the shape of the container or parts H01L23/041the container being a hollow construction having no base used as a mounting for the semiconductor body H01L23/043the container being a hollow construction and having a conductive base as a mounting as well as a lead for the semiconductor body H01L23/045the other leads having an insulating passage through the base H01L23/047the other leads being parallel to the base H01L23/049the other leads being perpendicular to the base H01L23/051another lead being formed by a cover plate parallel to the base plate H01L23/053the container being a hollow construction and having an insulating or insulated base as a mounting for the semiconductor body H01L23/055the leads having a passage through the base H01L23/057the leads being parallel to the base H01L23/06characterised by the material of the container or its electrical properties H01L23/08the material being an electrical insulator H01L23/10characterised by the material or arrangement of seals between parts,ween cap H01L23/12Mountings H01L23/13characterised by the shape H01L23/14characterised by the material or its electrical properties H01L23/142Metallic substrates having insulating layers H01L23/145Organic substrates H01L23/147Semiconductor insulating substrates H01L23/15Ceramic or glass substrates H01L23/16Fillings or auxiliary members in containers or encapsulations H01L23/18Fillings characterised by the material, its physical or chemical properties, or its arrangement within the complete device H01L23/20gaseous at the normal operating temperature of the device H01L23/22liquid at the normal operating temperature of the device H01L23/24Solid or gel at the normal operating temperature of the device H01L23/26including materials for absorbing or reacting with moisture or other undesired substances H01L23/28Encapsulations H01L23/29characterised by the material H01L23/291Oxides or nitrides or carbides H01L23/293Organic H01L23/295containing a filler H01L23/296Organo-silicon compounds H01L23/298Semiconductor material H01L23/31characterised by the arrangement or shape H01L23/3107the device being completely enclosed H01L23/3114the device being a chip scale package H01L23/3121a substrate forming part of the encapsulation H01L23/3128the substrate having spherical bumps for external connection H01L23/3135Double encapsulation or coating and encapsulation H01L23/3142Sealing arrangements between parts H01L23/315the encapsulation having a cavity H01L23/3157Partial encapsulation or coating H01L23/3164the coating being a foil H01L23/3171the coating being directly applied to the semiconductor body H01L23/3178Coating or filling in grooves made in the semiconductor body H01L23/3185the coating covering also the sidewalls of the semiconductor body H01L23/3192Multilayer coating H01L23/32Holders for supporting the complete device in operation H01L23/34Arrangements for cooling, heating, ventilating or temperature compensation; Temperature sensing arrangements H01L23/345Arrangements for heating H01L23/36Selection of materials, or shaping, to facilitate cooling or heating H01L23/367Cooling facilitated by shape of device H01L23/3672Foil-like cooling fins or heat sinks H01L23/3675characterised by the shape of the housing H01L23/3677Wire-like or pin-like cooling fins or heat sinks H01L23/373Cooling facilitated by selection of materials for the device or materials for thermal expansion adaptation H01L23/3731Ceramic materials or glass H01L23/3732Diamonds H01L23/3733having a heterogeneous or anisotropic structure H01L23/3735Laminates or multilayers H01L23/3736Metallic materials H01L23/3737Organic materials with or without a thermoconductive filler H01L23/3738Semiconductor materials H01L23/38Cooling arrangements using the Peltier effect H01L23/40Mountings or securing means for detachable cooling or heating arrangements ; fixed by friction, plugs or springs H01L23/4006with bolts or screws H01L23/4012for stacked arrangements of a plurality of semiconductor devices H01L23/4093Snap-on arrangements H01L23/42Fillings or auxiliary members in containers or encapsulations selected or arranged to facilitate heating or cooling H01L23/427Cooling by change of state H01L23/4275by melting or evaporation of solids H01L23/433Auxiliary members in containers characterised by their shape H01L23/4332Bellows H01L23/4334Auxiliary members in encapsulations H01L23/4336in combination with jet impingement H01L23/4338Pistons H01L23/44the complete device being wholly immersed in a fluid other than air H01L23/445the fluid being a liquefied gas H01L23/46involving the transfer of heat by flowing fluids H01L23/467by flowing gases H01L23/473by flowing liquids H01L23/4735Jet impingement H01L23/48Arrangements for conducting electric current to or from the solid state body in operation H01L23/481Internal lead connections H01L23/482consisting of lead-in layers inseparably applied to the semiconductor body H01L23/4821Bridge structure with air gap H01L23/4822Beam leads H01L23/4824Pads with extended contours H01L23/4825for devices consisting of semiconductor layers on insulating or semi-insulating substrates, e.g. silicon on sapphire devices H01L23/4827Materials H01L23/4828Conductive organic material or pastes H01L23/485consisting of layered constructions comprising conductive layers and insulating layers H01L23/4855Overhang structure H01L23/488consisting of soldered or bonded constructions H01L23/49Wire-like arrangements or pins or rods H01L23/492Bases or plates or solder therefor H01L23/4922having a heterogeneous or anisotropic structure H01L23/4924characterised by the materials H01L23/4926the materials containing semiconductor material H01L23/4928the materials containing carbon H01L23/495Lead-frames or other flat leads H01L23/49503characterised by the die pad H01L23/49506an insulative substrate being used as a diepad H01L23/4951Chip-on-leads or leads-on-chip techniques H01L23/49513having bonding material between chip and die pad H01L23/49517Additional leads H01L23/4952the additional leads being a bump or a wire H01L23/49524the additional leads being a tape carrier or flat leads H01L23/49527the additional leads being a multilayer H01L23/49531the additional leads being a wiring board H01L23/49534Multi-layer H01L23/49537Plurality of lead frames mounted in one device H01L23/49541Geometry of the lead-frame H01L23/49544Deformation absorbing parts in the lead frame plane H01L23/49548Cross section geometry H01L23/49551characterised by bent parts H01L23/49555the bent parts being the outer leads H01L23/49558Insulating layers on lead frames H01L23/49562for devices being provided for in H01L29/00 H01L23/49565Side rails of the lead frame H01L23/49568specifically adapted to facilitate heat dissipation H01L23/49572consisting of thin flexible metallic tape with or without a film carrier H01L23/49575Assemblies of semiconductor devices on lead frames H01L23/49579characterised by the materials of the lead frames or layers thereon H01L23/49582Metallic layers on lead frames H01L23/49586Insulating layers on lead frames H01L23/49589Capacitor integral with or on the leadframe H01L23/49593Battery in combination with a leadframe H01L23/49596Oscillators in combination with lead-frames H01L23/498Leads, i.e. metallisations or lead-frames on insulating substrates H01L23/49805the leads being also applied on the sidewalls or the bottom of the substrate H01L23/49811Additional leads joined to the metallisation on the insulating substrate H01L23/49816Spherical bumps on the substrate for external connection H01L23/49822Multilayer substrates H01L23/49827Via connections through the substrates H01L23/49833the chip support structure consisting of a plurality of insulating substrates H01L23/49838Geometry or layout H01L23/49844for devices being provided for in H01L29/00 H01L23/4985Flexible insulating substrates H01L23/49855for flat-cards H01L23/49861Lead-frames fixed on or encapsulated in insulating substrates H01L23/49866characterised by the materials H01L23/49872the conductive materials containing semiconductor material H01L23/49877Carbon H01L23/49883the conductive materials containing organic materials or pastes H01L23/49888the conductive materials containing superconducting material H01L23/49894Materials of the insulating layers or coatings H01L23/50for integrated circuit devices H01L23/52Arrangements for conducting electric current within the device in operation from one component to another, i.e. interconnections H01L23/522including external interconnections consisting of a multilayer structure of conductive and insulating layers inseparably formed on the semiconductor body H01L23/5221Crossover interconnections H01L23/5222Capacitive arrangements or effects of, or between wiring layers H01L23/5223Capacitor integral with wiring layers H01L23/5225Shielding layers formed together with wiring layers H01L23/5226Via connections in a multilevel interconnection structure H01L23/5227Inductive arrangements or effects of, or between, wiring layers H01L23/5228Resistive arrangements or effects of, or between, wiring layers H01L23/525with adaptable interconnections H01L23/5252comprising anti-fuses H01L23/5254the change of state resulting from the use of an external beam H01L23/5256comprising fuses H01L23/5258the change of state resulting from the use of an external beam H01L23/528Geometry or layout of the interconnection structure H01L23/5283Cross-sectional geometry H01L23/5286Arrangements of power or ground buses H01L23/532characterised by the materials H01L23/53204Conductive materials H01L23/53209based on metals H01L23/53214the principal metal being aluminium H01L23/53219Aluminium alloys H01L23/53223Additional layers associated with aluminium layers H01L23/53228the principal metal being copper H01L23/53233Copper alloys H01L23/53238Additional layers associated with copper layers H01L23/53242the principal metal being a noble metal H01L23/53247Noble-metal alloys H01L23/53252Additional layers associated with noble-metal layers H01L23/53257the principal metal being a refractory metal H01L23/53261Refractory-metal alloys H01L23/53266Additional layers associated with refractory-metal layers H01L23/53271containing semiconductor material H01L23/53276containing carbon H01L23/5328containing conductive organic materials or pastes H01L23/53285containing superconducting materials H01L23/5329Insulating materials H01L23/53295Stacked insulating layers H01L23/535including internal interconnections H01L23/538the interconnection structure between a plurality of semiconductor chips being formed on, or in, insulating substrates H01L23/5381Crossover interconnections H01L23/5382Adaptable interconnections H01L23/5383Multilayer substrates H01L23/5384Conductive vias through the substrate with or without pins H01L23/5385Assembly of a plurality of insulating substrates H01L23/5386Geometry or layout of the interconnection structure H01L23/5387Flexible insulating substrates H01L23/5388for flat cards H01L23/5389the chips being integrally enclosed by the interconnect and support structures H01L23/544Marks applied to semiconductor devices or parts H01L23/552Protection against radiation H01L23/556against alpha rays H01L23/562Protection against mechanical damage H01L23/564Details not otherwise provided for H01L23/57Protection from inspection, reverse engineering or tampering H01L23/573using passive means H01L23/576using active circuits H01L23/58Structural electrical arrangements for semiconductor devices not otherwise provided for H01L23/585comprising conductive layers or plates or strips or rods or rings H01L23/60Protection against electrostatic charges or discharges H01L23/62Protection against overvoltage H01L23/64Impedance arrangements H01L23/642Capacitive arrangements H01L23/645Inductive arrangements H01L23/647Resistive arrangements H01L23/66High-frequency adaptations