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G03F7/0002Lithographic processes using patterning methods other than those involving the exposure to radiation G03F7/0005Production of optical devices or components in so far as characterised by the lithographic processes or materials used therefor G03F7/0007Filters G03F7/001Phase modulating patterns G03F7/0012Processes making use of the tackiness of the photolithographic materials G03F7/0015Production of aperture devices, microporous systems or stamps G03F7/0017for the production of embossing, cutting or similar devices; for the production of casting means G03F7/002using materials containing microcapsules; Preparing or processing such materials G03F7/0022Devices or apparatus G03F7/0025characterised by means for coating the developer G03F7/0027characterised by pressure means G03F7/003characterised by storage means for the light sensitive material G03F7/0032characterised by heat providing or glossing means G03F7/0035Multiple processes G03F7/0037Production of three-dimensional images G03F7/004Photosensitive materials G03F7/0041providing an etching agent upon exposure G03F7/0042with inorganic or organometallic light-sensitive compounds not otherwise provided for G03F7/0043Chalcogenides; Silicon, germanium, arsenic or derivatives thereof; Metals, oxides or alloys thereof G03F7/0044involving an interaction between the metallic and non-metallic component G03F7/0045with organic non-macromolecular light-sensitive compounds not otherwise provided for G03F7/0046with perfluoro compounds G03F7/0047characterised by additives for obtaining a metallic or ceramic pattern G03F7/0048characterised by the solvents or agents facilitating spreading G03F7/008Azides G03F7/0085characterised by the non-macromolecular additives G03F7/012Macromolecular azides Macromolecular additives G03F7/0125characterised by the polymeric binder or the macromolecular additives other than the macromolecular azides G03F7/016Diazonium salts or compounds G03F7/0163Non ionic diazonium compounds G03F7/0166characterised by the non-macromolecular additives G03F7/021Macromolecular diazonium compounds Macromolecular additives G03F7/0212characterised by the polymeric binder or the macromolecular additives other than the diazo resins or the polymeric diazonium compounds G03F7/0215Natural gums; Proteins G03F7/0217Polyurethanes; Epoxy resins G03F7/022Quinonediazides G03F7/0223Iminoquinonediazides; Para-quinonediazides G03F7/0226characterised by the non-macromolecular additives G03F7/023Macromolecular quinonediazides Macromolecular additives G03F7/0233characterised by the polymeric binders or the macromolecular additives other than the macromolecular quinonediazides G03F7/0236Condensation products of carbonyl compounds and phenolic compounds G03F7/025Non-macromolecular photopolymerisable compounds having carbon-to-carbon triple bonds G03F7/027Non-macromolecular photopolymerisable compounds having carbon-to-carbon double bonds G03F7/0275with dithiol or polysulfide compounds G03F7/028with photosensitivity-increasing substances G03F7/0285Silver salts G03F7/029Inorganic compounds Onium compounds Organic compounds having hetero atoms other than oxygen, nitrogen or sulfur G03F7/0295Photolytic halogen compounds G03F7/031Organic compounds not covered by group G03F7/029 G03F7/032with binders G03F7/0325the binders being polysaccharides G03F7/033the binders being polymers obtained by reactions only involving carbon-to-carbon unsaturated bonds G03F7/035the binders being polyurethanes G03F7/037the binders being polyamides or polyimides G03F7/038Macromolecular compounds which are rendered insoluble or differentially wettable G03F7/0381using a combination of a phenolic resin and a polyoxyethylene resin G03F7/0382the macromolecular compound being present in a chemically amplified negative photoresist composition G03F7/0384with ethylenic or acetylenic bands in the main chain of the photopolymer G03F7/0385using epoxydisednovolak resin G03F7/0387Polyamides or polyimides G03F7/0388with ethylenic or acetylenic bands in the side chains of the photopolymer G03F7/039Macromolecular compounds which are photodegradable G03F7/0392the macromolecular compound being present in a chemically amplified positive photoresist composition G03F7/0395the macromolecular compound having a backbone with alicyclic moieties G03F7/0397the alicyclic moiety being in a side chain G03F7/04Chromates G03F7/06Silver salts G03F7/063Additives or means to improve the lithographic properties; Processing solutions characterised by such additives; Treatment after development or transfer G03F7/066Organic derivatives of bivalent sulfur G03F7/07used for diffusion transfer G03F7/075Silicon-containing compounds G03F7/0751used as adhesion-promoting additives or as means to improve adhesion G03F7/0752in non photosensitive layers or as additives G03F7/0754Non-macromolecular compounds containing silicon-to-silicon bonds G03F7/0755Non-macromolecular compounds containing Si-O, Si-C or Si-N bonds G03F7/0757Macromolecular compounds containing Si-O, Si-C or Si-N bonds G03F7/0758with silicon- containing groups in the side chains G03F7/085Photosensitive compositions characterised by adhesion-promoting non-macromolecular additives G03F7/09characterised by structural details G03F7/091characterised by antireflection means or light filtering or absorbing means G03F7/092characterised by backside coating or layers, by lubricating-slip layers or means, by oxygen barrier layers or by stripping-release layers or means G03F7/093characterised by antistatic means G03F7/094Multilayer resist systems G03F7/095having more than one photosensitive layer G03F7/0952comprising silver halide or silver salt based image forming systems G03F7/0955one of the photosensitive systems comprising a non-macromolecular photopolymerisable compound having carbon-to-carbon double bonds G03F7/0957with sensitive layers on both sides of the substrate G03F7/105having substances G03F7/11having cover layers or intermediate layers G03F7/115having supports or layers with means for obtaining a screen effect or for obtaining better contact in vacuum printing G03F7/12Production of screen printing forms or similar printing forms G03F7/14Production of collotype printing forms G03F7/16Coating processes Apparatus therefor G03F7/161using a previously coated surface G03F7/162Coating on a rotating support G03F7/164using electric, electrostatic or magnetic means; powder coating G03F7/165Monolayers G03F7/167from the gas phase, by plasma deposition G03F7/168Finishing the coated layer G03F7/18Coating curved surfaces G03F7/20Exposure Apparatus therefor G03F7/2002with visible light or UV light, through an original having an opaque pattern on a transparent support G03F7/2004characterised by the use of a particular light source G03F7/2006using coherent light; using polarised light G03F7/2008characterised by the reflectors, diffusers, light or heat filtering means or anti-reflective means used G03F7/201characterised by an oblique exposure; characterised by the use of plural sources; characterised by the rotation of the optical device; characterised by a relative movement of the optical device, the light source, the sensitive system or the mask G03F7/2012using liquid photohardening compositions G03F7/2014Contact or film exposure of light sensitive plates such as lithographic plates or circuit boards G03F7/2016Contact mask being integral part of the photosensitive element and subject to destructive removal during post-exposure processing G03F7/2018Masking pattern obtained by selective application of an ink or a toner G03F7/202Masking pattern being obtained by thermal means G03F7/2022Multi-step exposure G03F7/2024of the already developed image G03F7/2026for the removal of unwanted material G03F7/2028of an edge bead on wafers G03F7/203comprising an imagewise exposure to electromagnetic radiation or corpuscular radiation G03F7/2032Simultaneous exposure of the front side and the backside G03F7/2035simultaneous coating and exposure; using a belt mask G03F7/2037Exposure with X-ray radiation or corpuscular radiation, through a mask with a pattern opaque to that radiation G03F7/2039X-ray radiation G03F7/2041in the presence of a fluid G03F7/2043with the production of a chemical active agent from a fluid G03F7/2045using originals with apertures G03F7/2047Exposure with radiation other than visible light or UV light G03F7/2049using a cantilever G03F7/2051Exposure without an original mask G03F7/2053using a laser G03F7/2055for the production of printing plates; Exposure of liquid photohardening compositions G03F7/2057using an addressed light valve G03F7/2059using a scanning corpuscular radiation beam G03F7/2061Electron scattering (proximity) correction or prevention methods G03F7/2063for the production of exposure masks or reticles G03F7/2065using corpuscular radiation other than electron beams G03F7/213Exposing with the same light pattern different positions of the same surface at the same time G03F7/22Exposing sequentially with the same light pattern different positions of the same surface G03F7/24Curved surfaces G03F7/26Processing photosensitive materials Apparatus therefor G03F7/265Selective reaction with inorganic or organometallic reagents after image-wise exposure G03F7/28for obtaining powder images G03F7/30Imagewise removal using liquid means G03F7/3007combined with electrical means G03F7/3014combined with ultrasonic means G03F7/3021from a wafer supported on a rotating chuck G03F7/3028characterised by means for on-wafer monitoring of the processing G03F7/3035from printing plates fixed on a cylinder or on a curved surface; from printing cylinders G03F7/3042from printing plates transported horizontally through the processing stations G03F7/305characterised by the brushing or rubbing means G03F7/3057characterised by the processing units other than the developing unit G03F7/3064characterised by the transport means or means for confining the different units G03F7/3071Process control means G03F7/3078Processing different kinds of plates G03F7/3085from plates or webs transported vertically; from plates suspended or immersed vertically in the processing unit G03F7/3092Recovery of material; Waste processing G03F7/32Liquid compositions therefor G03F7/322Aqueous alkaline compositions G03F7/325Non-aqueous compositions G03F7/327Non-aqueous alkaline compositions G03F7/34Imagewise removal by selective transfer G03F7/343Lamination or delamination methods or apparatus for photolitographic photosensitive material G03F7/346using photosensitive materials other than non-macromolecular photopolymerisable compounds having carbon-to-carbon double bonds G03F7/36Imagewise removal not covered by groups G03F7/30 - G03F7/34 G03F7/38Treatment before imagewise removal G03F7/40Treatment after imagewise removal G03F7/405Treatment with inorganic or organometallic reagents after imagewise removal G03F7/42Stripping or agents therefor G03F7/421using biological means only G03F7/422using liquids only G03F7/423containing mineral acids or salts thereof, containing mineral oxidizing substances G03F7/425containing mineral alkaline compounds; containing organic basic compounds G03F7/426containing organic halogen compounds; containing organic sulfonic acids or salts thereof; containing sulfoxides G03F7/427using plasma means only G03F7/428using ultrasonic means only G03F7/70Exposure apparatus for microlithography G03F7/70008Production of exposure light G03F7/70016by discharge lamps G03F7/70025by lasers G03F7/70033by plasma EUV sources G03F7/70041by pulsed sources G03F7/7005by multiple sources G03F7/70058Mask illumination systems G03F7/70066Size and form of the illuminated area in the mask plane G03F7/70075Homogenization of illumination intensity in the mask plane, by using an integrator G03F7/70083Non-homogeneous intensity distribution in the mask plane G03F7/70091Illumination settings, i.e. intensity distribution in the pupil plane, angular distribution in the field plane; On-axis or off-axis settings G03F7/701Off-axis setting using an aperture G03F7/70108Off-axis setting using a light-guiding element G03F7/70116Off-axis setting using a programmable means G03F7/70125Use of illumination settings tailored to particular mask patterns G03F7/70133Measurement of illumination distribution, in pupil plane or field plane G03F7/70141Illumination system adjustment, alignment during assembly of illumination system G03F7/7015Details of optical elements G03F7/70158Diffractive optical elements G03F7/70166Capillary or channel elements G03F7/70175Lamphouse reflector arrangements G03F7/70183Zoom systems G03F7/70191Optical correction elements, filters or phase plates for controlling intensity, wavelength, polarization, phase or the like G03F7/702Reflective illumination G03F7/70208Multiple illumination paths G03F7/70216Systems for imaging mask onto workpiece G03F7/70225Catadioptric systems G03F7/70233Optical aspects of catoptric systems G03F7/70241Optical aspects of refractive systems G03F7/7025Size or form of projection system aperture G03F7/70258Projection system adjustment, alignment during assembly of projection system G03F7/70266Adaptive optics G03F7/70275Multiple projection paths, array of projection systems, microlens projection systems, tandem projection systems G03F7/70283Masks or their effects on the imaging process G03F7/70291Addressable masks G03F7/703Non-planar pattern area or non-planar masks G03F7/70308Optical correction elements, filters and phase plates for manipulating G03F7/70316Details of optical elements G03F7/70325Resolution enhancement techniques not otherwise provided for G03F7/70333Focus drilling G03F7/70341Immersion G03F7/7035Proximity or contact printer G03F7/70358Scanning exposure G03F7/70366Rotary scanning G03F7/70375Imaging systems not otherwise provided for G03F7/70383Direct write G03F7/70391Addressable array sources specially adapted to produce patterns G03F7/704Scanned exposure beam G03F7/70408Interferometric lithography; Holographic lithography; Self-imaging lithography G03F7/70416Stereolithography, 3D printing, rapid prototyping G03F7/70425Imaging strategies G03F7/70433Layout for increasing efficiency, for compensating imaging errors G03F7/70441Optical proximity correction G03F7/7045Hybrid exposure, i.e. combining different types of exposure G03F7/70458Mix-and-match, i.e. multiple exposures of the same area using similar types of exposure G03F7/70466Multiple exposures G03F7/70475Stitching G03F7/70483Information management, control, testing, and wafer monitoring G03F7/70491Information management and control, including software G03F7/705Modelling and simulation from physical phenomena up to complete wafer process or whole workflow in wafer fabrication G03F7/70508Data handling, in all parts of the microlithographic apparatus G03F7/70516Calibration of components of the microlithographic apparatus G03F7/70525Controlling normal operating mode G03F7/70533Controlling abnormal operating mode G03F7/70541Tagging G03F7/7055Exposure light control, in all parts of the microlithographic apparatus G03F7/70558Dose control G03F7/70566Polarisation control G03F7/70575Wavelength control G03F7/70583Speckle reduction G03F7/70591Testing optical components G03F7/706Aberration measurement G03F7/70608Wafer resist monitoring G03F7/70616Wafer pattern monitoring G03F7/70625Pattern dimensions G03F7/70633Overlay G03F7/70641Focus G03F7/7065Defect inspection G03F7/70658Electrical G03F7/70666using aerial image G03F7/70675using latent image G03F7/70683using process control mark G03F7/70691Handling of masks or wafers G03F7/707Chucks G03F7/70708being electrostatic; Electrostatically deformable vacuum chucks G03F7/70716Stages G03F7/70725control G03F7/70733Handling masks and workpieces G03F7/70741Handling masks outside exposure position G03F7/7075Handling workpieces outside exposure position G03F7/70758Drive means G03F7/70766Reaction force control means G03F7/70775Position control G03F7/70783Stress or warp of chucks, mask or workpiece G03F7/70791Large workpieces G03F7/708Construction of apparatus G03F7/70808Construction details G03F7/70816Bearings G03F7/70825Mounting of individual elements G03F7/70833Mounting of optical systems G03F7/70841Constructional issues related to vacuum environment G03F7/7085Detection arrangement G03F7/70858Environment aspects G03F7/70866of mask or workpiece G03F7/70875Temperature G03F7/70883of optical system G03F7/70891Temperature G03F7/709Vibration G03F7/70908Hygiene G03F7/70916Pollution mitigation, i.e. mitigating effect of contamination or debris G03F7/70925Cleaning G03F7/70933Purge G03F7/70941Stray fields and charges G03F7/7095Materials G03F7/70958Optical materials and coatings G03F7/70966Birefringence G03F7/70975Assembly, maintenance, transport and storage of apparatus G03F7/70983Optical system protection G03F7/70991Connection with other apparatus